Infrared sportswear
clinically proven to
enhance performance

Womens Core 1.0 Leggings


Brand KYMIRA sport


The Core 1.0 Leggings are perfect for use all year round due to the incredible thermoregulatory properties of our fabrics.

Like all KMIRA products the Core 1.0 Leggings have performance and recovery enhancing properties thanks to Our KYnergy technology.

The Leggings can be used either during exercise to enhance the wearer’s performance or post-exercise to improve the rate of recovery. For the best results we recommend wearing your KYMIRA leggings for at least 30 minutes prior to exercise, during and then for at least an hour afterwards.


Design Inspiration

The Core 1.0 Leggings have been designed for a function and fit.

They deliberately do not have any complicated panel work as we felt that establishing an excellent base point from which we can adapt future designs and ranges was essential.

The branding on the Core 1.0 leggings is bold and strong, making the statement that the wearer is proud to be a KYMIRA Athlete.