Winter Sport Buying Guide

If you need a little inspiration or Winter Sportswear information...

Why Infrared?

Ski season is well under way. Do your thoughts keep wandering towards your upcoming holiday?

When preparing for your winter sports trip check you have the latest apparel from Kymira Sport. Our infrared sportswear are all made with KYnergy fibres giving you the benefit of infrared every time you put them on.

Infrared helps regulate your temperature on and off the slopes by increasing your circulation. This delivers increased power to your muscles through more efficient nutrient delivery. Meanwhile muscle stiffness and soreness is reduced through better dispersion of lactic acid. Recovery is also accelerated and the added benefit of natural pain relief means you get more enjoyment from your active holiday.

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Lower Body

Our ¾ leggings have been designed to fit perfectly alongside the compression socks to give your legs the full benefit of infrared without a gap and without overlap in your ski boots, giving you extra comfort.

Upper Body

Put our infrared sportswear to the test and feel the benefits of temperature regulation when it really makes a difference.

Increased circulation, caused by wearing our infrared sportswear, helps distribute the warmth of your body preventing you from overheating or becoming too cold. This can benefit you both on and off the slopes as your body struggles to adjust to the changing temperatures of your environment and as you transition between high-powered exersion and low-activity.

Don't get caught short! Our tops are designed to be long enough to give you full protection and warmth, so you can focus on performance, safety and navigation.

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Warm hands, Warm heart

Do you suffer from ice cold, numb fingers?

Perhaps your hands over heat and get sweaty...

Glove liners are a perfect extra layer inside your snow gloves to preventing overheating whilst keeping the blood flowing into your fingertips even in the harshest of conditions.

Our casual fleece gloves use the same infrared technology to keep you warm when you are off the slopes too. The fitted design and rubber grips means you can stay warm and still hold your drink.

Layering in the cold

Made from our signature infrared fabric, these mid layers will ensure you maintain a managable temperature, no matter how hard you’re working.

Stick to our base and mid layers to enjoy the powder burn without burning up or suffering from the cold. Making this year's holiday give back more than ever before.

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Accelerate your RECOVERY

After a long day in the snow, you'll want to do everything you can to make sure you can do it all again the next day. Power-up your recovery time by wearing a fresh set of Kymira Sport. From top to toe, you can choose from luxurious tops and leggings, adding extra warmth with our fleece tops and gloves.

You can really enjoy your après ski, safe in the knowledge that you body is working hard at repairing.

Let Kymira do the hard work when you have done enough for the day.

We've got you COVERED

We have what you need to cover yourself from top to toe in infrared material giving you the maximum, full body benefit for ultimate performance, recovery and comfort.

Our other sportswear ranges include cycling, training and running so you can have the benefit of feeling great wearing our luxury infrared fabric. Leaving you to worry about what your next adventure will be.