KYMIRA Sport products have been designed with the purpose of enhancing performance and accelerating recovery through the use of infrared. A common misconception is that infrared is just heat, but it isn't. Our fabrics capture your wasted energy and convert it to a specific wavelength that has been proven to have beneficial effects on your body. Essentially recycling your energy back into your muscles and supercharging them. With our inbuilt KYnergy Infrared technology embedded within the fibres of our fabrics, your body gains from the following responses that occur when you are exposed to the infrared emitted by our products.

Increased Circulation
Using our KYnergy Infrared technology causes an increase in a molecule called Nitric Oxide which is a vasodilator. This means that your blood vessels expand, allowing more blood to pass through them; fuelling your exercise for longer, helping your body regulate temperature better and aiding your recovery.
Increased Tissue Oxygen by 20%
Using our KYnergy Infrared technology means that your muscles will have more oxygen available when you need it. This is because more blood is delivered to your muscles and when you wear KYMIRA Sport products, your muscles work more efficiently. This culminates in enabling you to maintain a peak performance for longer.  
Increased Cellular Metabolism and Energy Production
Infrared causes Nitric Oxide to dissociate from the active site of Cytochrome-C Oxidase which is a transmembrane protein in your mitochondria and part of the energy production process within your cells. Because the active site is free, the metabolic processes within your cells occur quicker resulting in a number of further responses: increased energy (ATP) production and cells will grow, repair & replicate quicker.
Pain Relief
Studies have found that using our technology will alleviate pain because Nitric Oxide also reacts with a molecule called cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) which mediates a pain relief response. The Nitric Oxide & cGMP reaction is the same way that an opiate like morphine relieves pain, but infrared is a lot less potent. Our customers see big reductions in DOMS and other exercise related aches and pains.