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  • Finding time when you're busy
  • The role of nutrition
  • Staying Motivated




Everyone knows we have to get up from the sofa and make time in our daily routine for exercise.

We also know why we need to do it - for our whole physical and mental health.

However, sometimes it's difficult to change the habits and get motivated, especially after a long break.

Even when you have buckets of will power, to change your habit is not an easy task.

People often choose to take up a physical activity with the best will and intent. But, especially among women, there are so many reasons to quit before the healthy new habit has been developed and taken hold.

We are living in a fast and overwhelming world and this could be understandable. However, the more excuses we find, the less motivated we become!

I'm NOT a celebrity

Creating a good physical form, fitness and athletic mindset is a very demanding task.

The internet bombards us with celebrities, athletes and influencer role-models with their perfect figures. In fact, their flawless appearance can become too stressful. Something that adds extra disappointment.

It becomes a burden rather than a motivation.

All those who struggle with this problem must know that all their initial obstacles can be overcome.

For sure, it will become easier with time!

Not only because the body will be in better shape and they will be able to see the physical difference. But also because they will generally feel healthier and have much more energy.

Our health must be our first goal! Exercise will give us better immunity, better health, more strength ...

Who would not want these three pillars of good life?

Find personal motivation for exercise

You need to have the motivation to run from the couch in a literal and metaphoric sense.

Your motivation may be to reduce body weight or size.

Certain physical pain can be caused by lack of movement or poor health.

General motivations are good to start with, but to set long-term, habitual changes, you need a concrete reason why you want to continue the training.

For example, blood tests. After some period of exercising, most people get much better blood results and this gives them the motivation to continue.

The release of stress, more power for everyday activities, better mood, the return of sexual drive, a more beautiful figure

...these are the real reasons that will keep you away from the couch in your free time.

Set realistic goals

If you are not in good physical form, do not expect miracles immediately. In essence, it will probably be harder than you expected.

Once you decide on the type of physical activity or training, consider hiring a personal trainer. Professional guidance will teach you proper techniques, avoid injuries and make real results. Once you’ve learnt the techniques and you feel like you can perform the program on your own, you will be able to exercise alone.

On the other hand, group programs are ideal for motivation boosts. Whether it's Aerobics, Yoga, Zumba, Bokwa, cross-fit or any program of your choice.

Adding a social aspect to exercise often keeps you coming back time and again.


It’s also great for lifting your mood!

Working-out should be fun!

You do not need to be bored by exercising for hours or running without a goal. You can easily do something fun and, at the same time, useful for your body.

What will it be? You will decide for yourself!

1. Mountain or forest hiking

2. Dance competition with children

3. Go to the park and perform Yoga, roller skating or simple jogging

4. Join an advanced dance or fun training classes such as Bokwa, Zumba and the like

5. Enter an advanced step-aerobic or aqua-aerobics group

6. Join swimming classes and learn the proper technique to burn far more calories than with any other sport

7. Join indoor rowing classes

8. Martial arts classes could help you focus and develop both your physical and mental strength


And many other activities ...

How to find the time if you work too much?

For people who need to "juggle" their business and private life, it is very difficult to find the time, and sometimes the energy to workout. But, as it is said, everything is possible with good planning.

It is up to you, and perhaps with your partner, to sit together to come up with a plan that will fit into your schedules, as well as your children's schedules.

Also, one of the ways to see your friends, instead of sitting in the cafes and chatting on the phone, is to do an activity together. Plan activities that match your children's activity times. For example, your child has dance classes on Saturday, a great time for you to exercise too.

The Role of Nutrition

Even though physical activity is healthy and beneficial, it cannot help us with weight loss unless we change our nutrition.

Unfortunately, modern nutrition and fast-paced lifestyle brings us many problems.

Besides obesity and autoimmune diseases, more and more people are fighting with diabetes and metabolic syndromes.

One of the biggest problems for humankind today, when it comes to health, weight gain and general energy throughout the day, is Insulin resistance. We tend to overeat carbohydrates, both refined and in the form of fruits which, in the end, our cells become resistant to. Too much insulin in the bloodstream leads to adipose fat storing.

On top of that, we consume a lot of industrial additives, processed foods and genetically modified ingredients. One of the most motivating weight-loss diets, the Ketogenic diet, is an example of a return to our origins.

Eating organic, healthy and good sources of fat and protein, plus keeping the carbohydrates at a healthy low level, mainly eating vegetables, will change both the body and mind.

Furthermore, if you cannot live without sugar, then try a Paleo diet with organic fruits and vegetables instead of refined grains and added sugar.

These two powerful weapons that will help you regain perfect physical shape are not just fad-diets, they are lifestyles. The return to the kitchen, preparation of your own sweets and treats without added sugar, fun meals and baking sessions can become your new passion.

Staying motivated

With the combination of healthy lifestyle and physical activities, many people discovered new inspirations and passions. Maybe you will make some new friendships, or you will discover the skills that you didn’t even realise you had.

Furthermore, some of you might achieve personal records and become successful professional athletes or on an amateur level.

Over to You...

Life is full of potential, you just need to discover your passion! Never do something you are not passionate about.

Try to choose the right activity and results will keep coming as the best reward! Let progress give you power to keep trying.

With proper discipline, anything is possible!

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Apollonas Georgios Kapsalis is a personal trainer, nutritional therapist and the founder of

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