Think of your favourite sport and I bet you could name ten ways in which your chosen sport has progressed over the last 50 years.

Take Formula One for example, the advent of new technology has revolutionised the sport and now even technology savvy organisations such as NASA dip into F1’s pool of engineering prowess and advancement in technology to aide their research into space exploration.

Technology and clothing have been the two areas in which Sport has seen the greatest progression. Swimming is a prime example of the effects wearing the right clothing can shave milliseconds in the pursuit of victory.

‘Technical’ or ‘Fast’ suits are crucial in making the next step up in performance in sports such as Swimming, Athletics and Triathlon as they are designed not just to improve performance via the reduction of drag but also play a key role in the recovery process.

Where Does Golf fit into this?

Put quite simply, it doesn’t, Yet.
Golf courses are still the same length they were 50 years ago and the dress code is still the same (although the style has been slightly modernised).

The equipment in golf is the only real area which has seen progression over the years. long gone are the days of ‘wooden clubs’ or heavyweight stainless steel shafts. The modern clubs are made up of Titanium and Graphite to ensure a lightweight feel to aide easier ball striking.

Players may now be able to hit the ball further off the tee, (Belgian Thomas Pieters recently drove a par 4 401-yard hole) so surely you would expect lower scores and longer holes required right? Err no. Incredibly, a recent study showed the average handicap of a golf club member is 17, the exact same average it was 50 years ago.

How do we Improve Performance then?

I find it quite remarkable that in 2016 professional golfers (and club golfers) do not take advantage of performance and recovery enhancing sportswear.

There are not many sports where you will face 4 hours out on your feet needing the utmost concentration coupled with the physical exertion of the sport with no break whilst often having to carry 12-14 rods of metal on your back.

Performance enhancing sportswear (or second skins if you will) are perfectly legal in golf so long as it is worn underneath the traditional attire and the effects could really be game changing.

I know from experience as a regular golfer that my attention starts to wane after about 15 holes and my scores suffer for it. One game changer for me has been using KYMIRA Sport’s infrared performance and recovery apparel. They have developed a range which is made with their KYnergy Infrared fabrics, which recycle the body's waste energy back as infrared, supercharging your muscles and your game.

This results in me being able to focus for the full 18 holes and aides my recovery (as I’m pretty knackered after four hours of golf).

Golfers are missing a trick right now. You want a lower handicap? Stop looking in your golf bag and take a look at the shirt on your back.

It’s time golf clothing moved into the 21st century.

Written by guest contributor Ian Waterhouse from TheNut.Golf

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