KYMIRA kit works with your body during exercise, improving your performance, but how does it help you during your recovery?

First off, if you wear your kit during your exercise, then the benefits from using KYMIRA will be improved. It's not required however. You will still benefit greatly from KYMIRA's recovery benefits if you put on your kit straight after your workout. If you're at the gym for example, jump into your kit in the changing rooms before you leave. 

What will KYMIRA do for you to help you recover quicker?
KYMIRA will provide you with the following:
  • An increase in circulation
  • An increase in tissue Oxygen levels
  • Cells will grow, repair and replicate quicker
  • Pain relief 
After exercise, the increase in circulation and Oxygen levels will help to flush the lactic acid from your muscles quicker, and also reduce any swelling that may occur in the joints. Oxygen is key to healing damaged tissue which combined with the fact that the IR will encourage cells to grow, repair and replicate quicker will mean that any muscle damage - which is inevitable from exercise at an intense level - will recover a lot quicker, meaning that you can be ready for the next session/race earlier.
July 06, 2015 — Tim Brownstone

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