Women's Infrared Running Core 3.0 Top Long Sleeve (Legacy Branding)

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Sleeve Length

Key Features

Women's Infrared Running Core 3.0 Top Long Sleeve:

  • Structured fit across the shoulders
  • Durable construction
  • Breathable and quick drying fabric
  • Triple stitched hems
  • Tapered, form fitting design


The Core 3.0 Long Sleeve Top is a great choice for those looking to optimise comfort on their run. The top is made with raglan seams and our signature flatlock stitching to eliminate friction and chafing that can occur as you clock up the miles. The top has a form-fitting design that tapers in at the waist and out over the hips, minimising excessive material that can feel as though it impedes process. The supportive fit across the shoulders is aimed to promote good posture and thus boost performance as you run.

The top is an excellent go-to for day in, day out training, as the triple stitched hems and durable fabric will last everything that the environment can throw at it, whether that be beatings from the weather as you clock up the miles to prepare for a marathon, or the obstacles you encounter out on the trails.

The top is made from our infrared-emitting fabric, which helps regulate your body temperature as you work out, dissipating heat and evaporating sweat better than normal fabrics, keeping your skin feeling dry no matter how hard the session. Furthermore, this unique technology increases blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and cellular metabolism, meaning your body has more energy available to help you train harder, for longer. The KYnergy technology in the fabric also boosts the recovery of muscles all though your body, due to the way the increased oxygenation and circulation of the blood, increasing the speed of lactic acid breakdown and reducing inflammation.

Infrared Benefits

  • Increased local blood circulation
  • Increased tissue oxygenation - by up to 20%
  • Increased cellular metabolism
  • Enhanced energy production
  • Temporary pain relief - experience a 25% average reduction in pain naturally
  • Accelerated recovery rate - from physical exertion, injury and surgery
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Injury prevention - 80% average reductions in soft tissue injuries via muscle priming
  • Temperature regulation - warms & cools to suit your needs - clothing stores thermal energy 63% longer than standard fabrics when used as a base layer - fabrics dry 65% quicker than average fabrics
  • SFP35+ rating
  • Antimicrobial

Best Use

KYMIRA Sport products can be used for four primary applications; performance, recovery, injury prevention/management and thermal regulation.

For the best results, our products should be used for every phase of exercise:

  • 30 minutes before, during
  • During exercise
  • For at least 1 hour afterwards

By using across all three phases, you will see improvements in thermal regulation, circulation and reduce the risk of injury.

Fabric & Care


  • 50% KYnergy Polyester
  • 32% Polyester
  • 18% Elastane


  • Wash at 30C/86F
  • Do not tumble dry