Men's Core 2.0 Thermal Leggings


Brand KYMIRA sport

Product Description

The KYMIRA Thermal range will be one of the best investments you make this winter. We have developed a thick but lightweight fabric with outstanding thermal qualities. You still get the added benefit of the infrared aiding your performance and recovery, but our primary focus is on comfort and thermoregulation. With our KYNERGY technology PROVEN to increase circulation and regulate body heat, being too cold or hot for your winter activities will be a thing of the past!

Become a KYMIRA athlete today with these key performance enhancing indicators embedded within our KYnergy technology;
• Increased Circulation
• Faster Drying Rate
• Increased Heat Retention

Our thermals are engineered by a team of KYMIRA sport and science specialists to be used during exercise to regulate temperature and post-exercise to improve the rate of recovery. For optimum results our team of specialists recommend wearing your KYMIRA thermals for at least 30 minutes prior to exercise, during and then for at least an hour afterwards