Men's Core 1.5 Leggings


Brand KYMIRA sport

Product Description

The Men’s Core 1.5 Leggings have been designed for purpose- to have a simpler design for a varied audience. With no gusset and our classic bold branding, and of course all of our added benefits. start your KYMIRA journey today with our most versatile garment!

Become a KYMIRA athlete and unleash your inner beast with the key performance enhancing benefits from our KYnergy technology;
• Increased Circulation
• Increased Tissue Oxygen Level by up to 20%
• Increased Cellular Metabolism and Energy Production
• Aided Pain Relief and Recovery Rate

So what are you waiting for? See how far KYMIRA can take you!

Our leggings are engineered by a team of KYMIRA sport and science specialists to be used during exercise to enhance the wearer’s performance and post-exercise to improve the rate of recovery. For optimum results our team of specialists recommend wearing your KYMIRA leggings for at least 30 minutes prior to exercise, during and then for at least an hour afterwards.