Sportswear that works with your body...helping you reach your training goals faster

Why Infrared?

Your training goals are personal to you. Whether you have a coach or follow your own plan. One thing everyone at the gym has in common is desire to succeed in reaching our goals.

Our luxurious fabric is soft to the touch but strong and durable. It's easy to wash and dries quickly too. The fibres contain tiny fragments of rock [a secret recipe] which react with the body's wasted energy to produce infrared. Infrared causes a process which releases nitric oxide which helps you succeed by accelerating your body's efficiency.

Simply by wearing our infrared sportswear; your circulation increases, cell repair accelerates, and your performance improves.

This helps you get stronger, more toned, faster, more flexible, or to achieve your ideal body shape.

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We've got your legs covered

Our leggings are soft, stretchy and comfortable. The thick durable black fabric is fully opaque, whilst the flatlock seams mean no chafing and they won't split open.

The waistband is wide, strong and stretchy so it doesn’t cut it. It sits snuggly on your waist rather than your hips, so you don't need to worry about your modesty when your focus is on your workout.

You can maximize your whole-body benefit with long leggings. However, if you prefer to keep it short, we've got you covered there too.

Core Stability

Core stability is key to all exercises for reduced risk of injury, whilst environmental stability helps keep you comfortable and motivated to work hard.

Kymira Sport's infrared fabric improves temperature regulation so will help stop you overheating or becoming too cold. It's quick-drying too, so enables sweat to evaporate fast. This fabric also helps improve your performance through improved circulation. This enhances nutrient delivery for more muscle power, and waste removal, reducing muscle fatigue and cramp.

Choose from our straight cut pro tops or our more fitted core 3.0 range. Both available with long or short sleeves.

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Casual and Cosy

Your journey to and from the gym doesn't need to be time wasted. Our casual fleece tops can prepare your body for exercise, with better circulation and nutrient distribution. They are really cosy too!

Wearing our infrared clothing before and after your workout increases your body's efficiency which enables you to achieve your best performance and results.

Accelerate your RECOVERY

Our infrared sportswear can give you peace of mind after training hard. Feel safe in the knowledge that your body will continue to work hard while you relax and recover.

During the recovery phase our muscles strengthen, build and tone. This is when all your hard work really pays off. Each time your muscle tissue repairs it grows stronger, allowing you to progress your workouts to reach your fitness and other physical goals.

We recommend you wear Kymira Sport for at least four hours after exercise, to accelerate the speed of cellular repair, and reduce the muscle stiffness and soreness, which can occur up to 3 days after a gruelling session.

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