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Accelerated Recovery & Rehabilitation | Enhanced Physical Performance | Greater Player Availability | Reduced Soft Tissue Injuries | Jet Lag & Travel Management | High Athlete Compliance | Always Available Protocol | Career Extension


1 Accelerated Recovery

KYMIRA® infrared offers the wearer accelerated recovery from training, games and competitions.

Athletes experience reduced DOMS, stiffness and muscle fatigue, and Performance Directors report higher player freshness and availability following gruelling sessions.

A cyclist lifting his hand victoriously as he races over the finish line.
Danny Sidbury races on the pavement in his wheelchair.

Injury Prevention 2

KYMIRA® infrared increases Nitric Oxide production and is shown to increase muscle elasticity and prime muscles and soft tissues for action.

With the enhanced circulation and tissue oxygenation, muscles are pre-warmed, offering the wearer greater mobility for dynamic movements. In action, an International team found utilising KYMIRA® infrared over a 2 year period, reduced their incidents of soft tissue injuries by 80%, without any other protocol change.

3 Enhanced Peak Performance

Greater power, endurance, speed, strength and grip, flexibility and mobility.

Maintain peak performance windows for longer; Experience less muscle fatigue.


Paul Parker in the middle of a football pitch training the players.

A sportsman wearing the KYMIRA branded base layer looks at the camera.

Accelerated Injury & 4

Surgery Rehabilitation 

Athletes and their Medical Team's report accelerated rehabilitation from injuries and surgery when utilising KYMIRA® infrared within their protocols.

Clinical studies show that cellular healing is increased by 140-210%, when cells are stimulated by the same infrared wave spectrums as offered by KYMIRA® infrared products.

Physiotherapists, Osteopath's and Clinical Practitioners report greater programme compliance and less recovery discomfort in users. Studies also show that the infrared can support muscles to not atrophy as much during the rehabilitative cycle.

5 Travel Management

From the transatlantic flights to the team bus.

Studies show athletes perform up to 60% less effectively, when they are experiencing the effects of travelling.

With greater circulation, less stiffness, thermoregulation and improved sleep quality, athletes can arrive fresher following long-distance travel.

Worn to and from training, games and competitions, athletes can arrive with primed muscles and recover straight away following exertion.

A team of football players hug victoriously.
Jonny May with a rugby ball in hand charges across the pitch.

Enhanced Sleep Quality 6 

KYMIRA® Sport products are regularly used by amateur and elite athletes for a multitude of reasons. For some, this is simply to continue their recovery through the night. For others this is to improve their quality of sleep through maintained homeostasis, caused predominantly by the thermoregulation benefits and circulation benefits.

A recent study on 20 athletes in the US, investigated the use of KYMIRA® leggings used only during sleep, not during exercise or recovery phases. The results showed a 15.9% improvement in sleep quality, which correlated with a 15.8% improvement in fatigue and a 13.6% reduction in soreness. Wearers also report that they fall asleep faster, have less night time awakenings and wake up feeling more rejuvenated.

7Pain relief & condition management

KYMIRA’s® pain relief benefits to reduce the effects from training and competing, but also to help manage existing medical conditions, old injuries and illness symptoms that affect performance. KYMIRA® products are utilised for medical applications under our sister brand, KYMIRA® Medical. 

The pain relief pathways activated by wearing our products have been shown to decrease perceived pain levels by 25% in elite athletes. Due to the vasodilating and local circulation boosting effects of the Nitric Oxide, KYMIRA® products support a localised reduction in inflammation by opening up the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow. In doing so the body can more efficiently remove excess fluids from the site of the inflammation.

An athlete in KYMIRA branded gear dribbles a football.
Darren Stevens holding a cricket bat, in mid-swing.

Remote, Always Available Protocol 8 

KYMIRA® recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation protocols are always available to the athlete, wherever they are in the world, or whatever else they are tackling.

Protocols can be enacted remotely, without close physical contact or the need of a skilled therapeutic professional, and without any additional time, effort or expensive facilities.

Unlike other technologies, infrared offers the wearer the same chemical reaction regardless of action by the wearer. This does not dilute or wear off over time. So, the athlete can be relaxing in front of the tv, and still actively recovering.

9 High Athlete Compliance

With a protocol that is as easy as getting dressed, Performance coaches report high rates of athlete compliance.

The medical team report feeling more confident their athletes are recovering and that athletes are more ‘available’ for the team, in better condition, and less likely to get injured.

A triathlete  races through the water.
Meena Fitzpatrick skis across the snowy slopes.

Career Extension 10 

With support across injury prevention, maintaining muscle and joint elasticity, relieving muscle and joint aches, greater training gains and better recovery; KYMIRA® is proudly supporting elite athletes to extend their careers years beyond they dreamed. And not just extend; excel in later years.

As easy as getting dressed...

“KYMIRA® provides an easy to implement, evidence backed, impactful solution to the problems facing athletes and is something I wholeheartedly recommend.”

Paul Parker

Performance Coach to Elite Football, WSL Players & GB Athletics

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