Just one more Rep!! We’ve all said it, we’ve all pushed ourselves just that little bit harder in the pursuit of even just 0.1 of a second. No matter what you are training for the deciding factor in your success will always be your attitude and the effort you put in. However, the body is a complex machine; it requires regular hydration, nourishment and precision care. So what can we do to maximise our results?

Everything we put into our body effects performance and how we feel. We all know this, it’s no secret, but what about what we wear? We live in an advanced age where our tracksuit and trainers just don’t cut it anymore, professionals are using the latest performance enhancing active sportswear and you should too.

Wearing a form of “second skin” has many scientific benefits to the body to aide performance and recovery. For example, KYMIRA Sport has developed a technology to recycle the body’s waste energy turning it into infrared, which in turn feeds through the fibres in the clothing along a specific wavelength and back into your body. This helps to increase circulation and increase tissue oxygen levels.

Coupled with the performance and recovery increase there is the psychological benefit. There is a saying that goes “dress for success”.  Well the same applies here, no matter what sport you play or whatever goal in the gym you are striving to achieve. The better dressed you are for your specific target; the more likely you are to achieve your goal. I suppose it can be likened to the placebo effect, only the difference here is that it is not all in your head: the benefits are very real.

If you feel you have reached your peak or you can’t get off that plateau, then it is time to look at changing what you are wearing. There is a reason the pro’s wear performance active sportswear and there is no reason you shouldn’t too.