Runner's Buying Guide

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Choosing the right sportswear is crucial to ensuring comfort throughout your run and may be just what you need to beat your personal best!

Our infrared sportswear can help improve your performance, endurance and recovery to gain a winning edge.

Infrared is created when you wear any or our products. It improves your body’s circulation, delivering nutrients and oxygen to your muscles more efficiently. Lactic acid is better dispersed to reduce cramp.

Increased circulation also helps regulate your temperature better, meaning you can enjoy your training, no matter the conditions.

Muscle soreness occurs because our muscles tear when we train. Kymira Sport’s infrared sportswear gives natural pain relief whilst accelerating cell and vascular repair for optimum recovery.

Your sportswear requirements change depending on climate, endurance and personal preference. This guide will help you navigate our running collection to help you choose what is right for you.

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Looking after your feet will make all the difference.

First up, get properly fitted for a good pair of trainers, making sure they are breathable to reduce the likelihood of blistering.

Next up, but just as important, choose your socks wisely.

Our Ankle socks are good all-rounders. Their slightly higher ankle design plus cushioned heel and toe give maximum comfort.

Compression socks are best for trail running. Providing more leg coverage to protect against mud and twigs, plus a good dose of infrared throughout your lower leg. The compression element gives you firm muscle support too.

Ensure all socks you wear are snug on the foot, neither too tight or baggy, to avoid unnecessary soreness and rubbing.


Key to running in all weathers is layering. It’s easy to make the mistake of wrapping up warm for a winter run, then overheating by the end of the first mile.

Base layers can be long or short depending on your environment and preference. This forms the core of your running kit.

Kymira Sport’s fabric does not absorb moisture allowing sweat to evaporate.

If you choose shorts you can add the long compression socks to give your legs an infrared boost.

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Gloves and sleeves can provide you with extra protection, while the increased circulation helps avoid frozen extremities.

These accessories give you versatility, as they are small enough to fit in your pocket and thin so you won’t overheat.


Recovery after exercise is always vital as this is when your muscles grow stronger.

Wearing Kymira Sport after training helps support and accelerate your physical recovery, so you can get back to peak condition and ready for your next run much quicker.

We recommend that for optimum recovery you wear Kymira Sport Leggings and socks for at least four hours after every run.