The high intensity of basketball is there for all to see, with end-to-end action right up until the final buzzer sounds. Your athletes need to primed and ready to play throughout a game especially with bench rotation forming a big part of modern strategy. Short sharp movements are a fundamental requirement of the game; meaning Patellofemoral inflammation injuries are a common occurrence at all levels of play.

These twisting, pivoting and short sharp movements, are amongst other things critical to the success of a top-level baller, but that comes with the caveat that hip, knee and ankle injuries are extremely common (ankle sprains are the number one injury for the past 5 years in the NBA). Which means, looking after them is part and parcel of your organisation and practitioner’s work. Here at KYMIRA® Sport we provide a wearable technology solution to help the rehabilitation and recovery from the injuries, that commonly deplete squad numbers and effect results.

Simply by wearing KYMIRA® will allow your athletes to accelerate their recovery processes by delivering more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to your muscle cells, while also removing waste products quicker through the increased local circulation. The increased tissue oxygen levels that your team will see as a result of wearing your KYMIRA® Sport products, will help their muscle fibres to heal. Research shows between 140% and 210% increases in cellular growth and repair, when cells are exposed to the wavelengths of infrared light that KYMIRA® Sport products emit. As you can see from our demonstration video this showcases the speed at which these physiological changes can take place with exposure to KYMIRA® increasing and sustaining NOS supply – 90 mins of exposure to KYnergy®   gives 90 min period of increased NOS post garment removal.

Using KYIMIRA® in your programme can help reduce the soft tissue muscle injuries and keep muscles primed ready for use whether it be from tip off to coming off the bench. The increased capillarisation and nitrous oxide production afforded by KYMIRA® increases the players capacity to perform at their highest peak for longer periods of time; whilst the in-game recovery effect refuels their tank, enabling them to hit those peaks with greater frequency. They will not suffer the same physical and psychological decline as the effects of fatigue are lessened. With a multitude of gains from one non-intrusive solution, it seems too good to be true – but take our word for it.



"Implementing KYMIRA as part of a holistic recovery strategy for the modern day footballer can have real impact. With the often congested fixture lists, compiled with extensive training demands, the time spent away from the pitch absolutely directly influences the time spent on it. KYMIRA provides an easy to implement, evidence backed, impactful solution to the problems facing these athletes and is something I wholeheartedly recommend takes it’s place in the recovery toolbox."

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