We all know the physical demands on a footballer’s body, putting their body on the line in both practice and on game day. With athlete care being fundamental to any practitioner’s work, keeping high levels of player availability and ensuring you have the best 11 offensive or defensive players on the field is essential. According to stats from nflfastR play-by-play data 2020 saw an increase of 14% in stoppages for injuries compared to the decade before. 

Football can throw up a multitude of problems that practitioners have to deal with throughout a gruelling season. Given the nature of the sport soft tissue injuries can make or break a team’s season, KYMIRA® Sport products can help with this along with many other benefits to ease the burden on performance and backroom staff. 

“We reached out to KYMIRA® in the off season 2020, looking to work with them as an injury mitigation tool and recovery aid for our athletes. It has been great to see the uptake we have had from athletes as they have felt the benefits from using their infrared kit. They have been choosing to use it for a host of travel and recovery applications, and some have explored use in workouts. We have expanded our use of the KYMIRA® range with another order in 2021” Matt Van Dyke (Director of Sports Science, Huston Texans) 

Independent clinical and scientific testing proves KYMIRA® Infrared Technology offers up to a 93% energy recycle rate, penetrating up to 7cm into the muscle fibres with an 82-93% efficiency; expediting recovery times, boosting performance, and drastically accelerating rehabilitation effectiveness. Thus, ensuring that your RTP protocols are reduced allowing you to have the best line up available come game day. 

All of this through a non-intrusive and high athlete compliant garment that can form an effective part of any organisation’s regime. 



“I’ve been working with infrared (IR) via the Joovv system for some time now and am a huge believer in the benefits for both performance, as well as recovery. With KYMIRA I have been able to take the benefits of IR on my runs, and cycling as well as the strength gains I see in the weight room and in my obstacle course training, and apply them to every day life. Whether I am going for a bike ride, run, obstacle course training or simply playing dad, KYMIRA has impacted my overall energy, and the quality of my day to day experiences in all of those fields.. I‘ve seen improvements in my resting heart rate, HRV, sleep quality as well as a multitude of other subjective findings, my function scores are through the roof. I also get the added benefit of true recovery and hormonal balance with the KYMIRA Infrared products. By producing increased circulation and tissue oxygenation it has helped to reduce fatigue during training, as well as helping maintain energy throughout my 15 hour work day to prep me for family life where my energy is equally necessary. I personally wear my training shirt and shorts or tights every day, and have no plans to change that model for myself.”

Elliott Williams

Director of Functional Performance, San Francisco 49ers





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