Performance Partners

KYMIRA Sport partners with some of the top performance coaching companies in the world.

Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors

Educating and certifying snowsports instructors of the future

Pinnacle Performance

Southampton based performance gym

The Subzero Coaching Team

Small Group Coaching for Excellence


Cycling, Triathlon coaching and Bike Fitting service

PWR Performance

State of the art healthcare facility

State of the art healthcare facility based in Essex, providing top class Strength & Conditioning, Sports Therapy, Nutrition, and Chiropractic care to Elite athletes across a multitude of sports, as well as giving members of the public the ability to train just like their elite counterparts.


S&C, Rehabilitation and Nutrition Consultant

PRPerformance offers world class sporting S&C, rehabilitation and nutrition support to a wide range of elite athletes and leading teams through virtual and in-person services

Speedworks Training

Speed Training Program Specialists

A Speed Training Program specialising in helping athletes access their speed and power. Jonas has worked with sportspeople at every level in a multitude of sports but it renowned for his success in track and field. He coaches an Elite group of Sprinters and consults for Premiership and Championship Football and Rugby Clubs.

Harman Coaching Systems

PT, Coaching and Nutritional Advice Service

PT, coaching and nutrition service specialising in giving clients the education needed to truly understand their training plan and nutritional guidance, making fitness sustainable.