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Graduated compression fit

Our infrared compression socks offer not only the technical benefits of KYnergy infrared technology, but also muscular compression, a known method of improving performance and recovery. The graduated compression bands throughout the calf increase the recovery process by further promoting muscle oxygenation and venous return.

Support bands

The compression socks boast support bands to deliver additional targeted support to your lower limbs. However, the movement is not restricted, allowing you to carry on exercising to your full potential.

Cushioned heel and toes

The socks are designed with your comfort in mind, with cushioned heels and toes making them great for a huge range of sports, including running, cycling, hiking, snow sports, and gym work.

Ribbed cuffs

To increase comfort further, the socks feature non-slip ribbed cuffs to ensure the sock stays firmly in place. For performance standards that don't slip.