Infrared sportswear
clinically proven to
enhance performance

Our kit is made using our KYnergy technology which harnesses the wearer’s waste energy and latent energy in the surroundings and converts it to infrared, which means for you that the following areas are improved:



While exercising your performance will be improved because the infrared will cause:

  • An increase in circulation
  • An increase in tissue Oxygen levels
  • An increase in the efficiency of respiration
  • Pain relief
  • Increased energy production
    • We haven’t tested this yet with our kit but the literature suggests that the IR exposure will increase the amount of ATP available


For example, the increase in circulation will deliver more oxygen and nutrients to your muscles meaning that there will be more fuel for energy and also lactic acid is carried away and degraded quicker. This combines with an increase in respiration efficiency so not only is fuel made more abundant, less is needed to achieve the same power output meaning that your endurance and power output is increased. We can’t promise that the pain relief aspect will stop your body hurting completely but it will certainly delay the onset, meaning that you can get further into a session or race before it hurts, and it will be less severe.



The recovery benefits from using KYMIRA kit will be better if the kit is worn during exercise too, but the second best option will be to put the kit on ASAP once you have finished. Many of the same benefits will lead to improvements:

  • An increase in circulation
  • An increase in tissue Oxygen levels
  • Cells will grow, repair and replicate quicker
  • Pain relief


After exercise, the increase in circulation and Oxygen levels will help to flush the lactic acid from your muscles quicker, and also reduce any swelling that may occur in the joints. Oxygen is key to healing damaged tissue which combined with the fact that the IR will encourage cells to grow, repair and replicate quicker will mean that any muscle damage - which is inevitable from exercise at an intense level - will recover a lot quicker, meaning that you can be ready for the next session/race earlier.



Because of the IR properties from our KYnergy technology, our fabrics have some key features that will help (amongst other things) your body to stay at an optimum temperature:

  • Retain heat when worn as a base layer
  • Quick drying
  • Increased circulation


Due to the different demands that different seasons and terrains put on you, having a base layer that responds to your needs is crucial. KYnergy fabrics are quick drying when exposed (top unzipped or worn as an outer layer) and will help to keep you cool through the dissipation of heat via evaporation. In colder environments the fabrics will retain heat better than anything else on the market to keep you at an optimum temperature. In addition the increase in circulation will help your body to regulate it’s temperature better too. The KYMIRA kit will help you to feel dry and comfortable and stay at the temperature you need to be to be at your best.


For more information on our third party clinical trials, send us a message and we will happily share and discuss them with you! 

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