“There is nothing else like KYMIRA®, there really is no substitute for it. Building the products into our regime gives our athletes something more.”

Bob Stewart

Senior Physiotherapist – International Rugby

We reached out to KYMIRA® in the off season 2020, looking to work with them as an injury mitigation tool and recovery aid for our athletes. It has been great to see the uptake we have had from athletes as they have felt the benefits from using their infrared kit. They have been choosing to use it for a host of travel and recovery applications, and some have explored use in workouts. We have expanded our use of the KYMIRA® range with another order in 2021

Matt Van Dyke

Director of Sports Science, Houston Texans NFL

“My function scores are through the roof!"

Elliott Williams

Functional Performance Director, San Francisco 49ers

"The first time I saw the effect of the technology I was blown away. Each time I now wear Kymira on the field, I have the edge both mentally and physically."

Dan Norton

England & GB - Rugby 7's

"Relying on KYMIRA products rather than other treatments, such as massage therapy can save you a significant amount of money."

DeAnne Koehler

Senior Associate Athletic Trainer (Volleyball, Women’s Golf) - University of Texas

“I got obsessed with KYMIRA pretty quickly, purely through how great my legs felt wearing them, I want them on most of the time. Actually learning about the benefitsof infrared only had them on me more.

Jonny May

International Rugby Union - England & Gloucester

“We are delighted to be the first UK Club to embark on this exciting partnership with KYMIRA®– a Reading based, sporting innovator."

"KYMIRA®'s technology and product range will have an immediate impact on our men’s and women’s first team squads, with them working closely alongside our medical and sports science teams to assist in injury prevention and the overall wellbeing of our players”


Tim Kilpatrick

Head of Commercial - Reading Football Club

“I got obsessed with KYMIRA pretty quickly, purely through how great my legs felt wearing them, I want them on most of the time. Actually learning about the benefitsof infrared only had them on me more.

Jonny May

International Rugby Union - England & Gloucester

“KYMIRA® provides an easy to implement, evidence backed, impactful solution to the problems facing athletes and is something I wholeheartedly recommend.”

Paul Parker

Elite Sport, WSL and GB Athletics Strength and Conditioning

“As a recovery protocol we have seen a 25% reduction in perceived pain scores, a 33% reduction in stiffness.”

Bob Stewart

Senior Physiotherapist – International Rugby

“All professional sports teams are looking to make as many marginal gains as possible in helping train harder and recover faster, and KYMIRA® Sport really does offer this.”

Henry Trinder

Rugby Union - Dallas Jackals

"When we had less time to recover during COVID I used KYMIRA® travelling to games and immediately after a shower. Compared to those who don’t use it I don’t feel like long term soreness is an issue for me."

Victoria Williams

Football - Brighton Ladies

“In my KYMIRA® running leggings I immediately took a minute off my 5km PB. I have developed a real mentality of 'I’m in my KYMIRA® leggings so I beat I’ll get a PB today' which has become almost an advantage in itself.”


Raya Hubbell

GB Ironman and Triathlete

“Work out like the pros with the innovative compression gear from kymirasport.com”  

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Bob Stewart

Senior Physiotherapist International Rugby


Head Physiotherapist, RFU

Elliott Williams

Functional Performance Specialist for San Francisco 49ers

Director of Functional Performance

Paul Parker

Physical Performance Coach at PRPerformance


Leading Elite Athlete S&C Coach

Jason Gallucci

Director of Performance at Princeton University


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Founder & CEO of KYMIRA®

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Head of Sales at KYMIRA®

Former Personal Trainer; Experienced business development manager within elite sport

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VP Business Development for North America

Customer Success & Business Development Professional, Ultra Runner & Outdoor Enthusiast

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Matt Witts

Technical Sales Executive

Semi-Pro Cyclist


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Managing Director at AURIA GROUP LLP

Sports consultant with a commercial, management and representation background

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COO at Falk Ventures

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Chris Masters

Huddle Sports Partners

Former athlete and coach turned executive, all with serving others at the core.

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Dr. Michael Weatherly

DoD, Pro Sports

Fortune 500 Tech Scout


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Tech Scout

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KYMIRA® Sales Agent for Australia

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