Q) I haven't heard of KYMIRA® Sport, who are they?

A) We've been around since 2013, founded by our CEO Tim Brownstone. Originally Tim started looking for a way that he could accelerate his rehabilitation as an injured athlete. In doing so he found research published by NASA about how they used infrared light to grow plants quicker in space. This sparked an idea that the use of infrared light could stimulate human cell growth and accelerate cell performance and healing.

KYMIRA® Sport blends infrared technology and elite sportswear to create market-leading performance and recovery apparel.  

The use of our patented KYnergy® technology in KYMIRA® fabrics unlocks another level of athletic potential. Independent clinical and scientific testing proves KYMIRA® Infrared Technology offers up to a 93% energy recycle rate; expediting recovery times, boosting performance, and drastically accelerating rehabilitation effectiveness. All of this through a non-intrusive garment that can form an effective part of any training regime.

In a world where the difference between success and failure is down to the finest of margins, you want every possible advantage, KYMIRA® Sport is that difference.

Q) Why haven't we haven't heard of Infrared wearable tech?

A) KYMIRA®products are used by Olympic athletes, international sports stars, elite teams and recreational athletes alike; even world record explorers!

We work closely with sponsored brand athletes, resellers and sports rehabilitation clinics, who integrate KYMIRA® products into their training and rehabilitation programs. In addition, they are used to help those with medical conditions to manage and treat their symptoms. If you would like to learn more about treating and managing chronic medical conditions with the use of KYMIRA®

Q) We don’t understand Infrared Technology can you explain it?

A) At KYMIRA® we’ve taken Infrared Technology to the next level by embedding it into high performance sportwear.  

We’ve done this by creating specially constructed fibres, into which we’ve woven carefully selected minerals. These are selected for their ability to absorb otherwise wasted energy from the wearer and surrounding light. This energy is then converted into a targeted, beneficial region of the infrared light spectrum, penetrating up to 7cm into the muscle fibres with a 82-93% efficiency.

The area of infrared light we target has scientifically proven physiological effects including:

  • Increased nitric oxide production
  • Increased vasodilation and circulation
  • Increased respiration efficiency
  • Increased ATP and energy production
  • Increased tissue oxygen levels
  • Thermoregulation
  • Reduced pain scores

No adverse reactions. No requirements to take additional equipment on the road. True passive therapy with immediate and long-lasting benefits.

Q) Show me the research papers on your technology?

A) Sure, click here to our partners page where you will find a selection of case studies and links to further papers to prove our science is the real deal!

Q) Which clubs are using it?

A) We have a whole host of clubs and organisations that are using our products in their workflow, to find out more on who these are please visit our partners page here.




“We immediately saw reductions in perceived pain and soreness, increase in mobility and range of movement in muscle sites and joints where historically in the days post-game we’ve always seen big decreases. KYMIRA was incredibly valuable"

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