Transform your team’s performance and revolutionise their recovery, with KYMIRA’s® scientifically proven infrared fabric technology.






“There is nothing else like KYMIRA®, there really is no substitute for it. Building the products into our regime gives our athletes something more.”

Bob Stewart

Senior Physiotherapist – International Rugby

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KYMIRA®Sport gives athletes an edge like never before. With our patented Infrared fabrics, athletes are able to utilise our KYnergy®Infrared technology to recycle up to 93% of the body's lost energy for a wide variety of benefits.

Use of KYMIRA®Sport enables athletes to spend more time training or competing in their peak performance zone and reduces fatigue. This allows for an increase in training capacity and the resulting gains you will make. KYMIRA®Sport allows athletes to push harder for longer.

KYMIRA®also has a variety of proven rehabilitation and recovery benefits. By wearing your KYMIRA® Sport garments before exercise, you prime the muscles with Nitric Oxide improving the muscle condition and elasticity, to allow the muscles to be less prone to acute damage. Additionally, in the rehabilitation phase wearing KYMIRA® Sport will enable your body to accelerate its recovery processes by delivering more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the cells, enabling your body to recover quicker, reduce inflammation faster and accelerate your rehabilitation.

Get ready for a new level of performance and recovery.

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Case Studies

Jonny May

Winger for England Rugby and Gloucester RFC


Dan Norton

Leading all time try scorer in World Rugby 7s history. Olympic Medallist.


Paul Parker

Physical Performance Coach to Premier League, WSL, GB Athletics & more


Elite Sport User Referees

Have a discussion with an existing elite sport user in the field.

Bob Stewart

Senior Physiotherapist International Rugby


Head Physiotherapist, RFU

Elliott Williams

Functional Performance Specialist for San Francisco 49ers

Director of Functional Performance

Paul Parker

Physical Performance Coach at PRPerformance


Leading Elite Athlete S&C Coach

Jason Gallucci

Director of Performance at Princeton University


Director of Performance

Commercial Team

Our team are highly experienced sports professionals.

Tim smiling at the camera, with a white background.

Tim Brownstone

Founder & CEO of KYMIRA®

Former International Competing Athlete; Biochemist, turned Entrepreneur

Chris Hill

Head of Sales at KYMIRA®

Former Personal Trainer; Experienced business development manager within elite sport

Joseph Boyle

VP Business Development for North America

Customer Success & Business Development Professional, Ultra Runner & Outdoor Enthusiast

A picture of Matt outside in the woods.

Matt Witts

Technical Sales Executive

Semi-Pro Cyclist


A picture of Jason smiling at the camera.

Jason Brightman

Managing Director at AURIA GROUP LLP

Sports consultant with a commercial, management and representation background

Garett Klugh

COO at Falk Ventures

Olympic Rower and Sports Businessman


Chris smiles at the camera against a black background

Chris Masters

Huddle Sports Partners

Former athlete and coach turned executive, all with serving others at the core.

Michael smiling at the camera with a grey background.

Dr. Michael Weatherly

DoD, Pro Sports

Fortune 500 Tech Scout


DJ Dozier

Tech Scout

Dual NFL & MLB Athlete turned Businessman


A picture of Nadav looking at the camera.

Nadav Karmazin

KYMIRA® Sales Agent for Australia

Martial Artist and Sales Specialist


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