Sportswear that works with your body...helping maximize your training

Why Infrared?

Infrared light is produced when your wasted energy reacts to the particles of rock, too small to feel, embedded into the fibres of all our sportswear. This penetrates deep into your muscle tissue to release nitric oxide. The benefits of this are clinically proven to give an edge to your performance, with added strength, power and endurance.

Just by wearing our durable sportswear it works as hard as you do; increasing your circulation, accelerating cell repair, and helping you achieve your physical goals.

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Leg Power

Get maximum power from your leg muscles by wearing Kymira Sport leggings or shorts. Wear them for outdoor training to protect your skin against the chill or against the sun. Wherever you train, our leggings will increase your performance capabilities through increased circulation, better delivering nutrients to your muscles, for endurance or explosive power when you need it.

Designed with flatlock seams to avoid chafing and splitting, the thick black material is durable and fully opaque. The wide waistband is strong and stretchy for a firm fit.

Top Performance

Our tops are designed to enable best fit in line with your upper body shape. The core top is a staple to fit most body shapes, either with compression or in larger sizes for a looser tee-style fit. If you are broad or have large upper body muscles you may find the pro top better accommodates your needs with a tapered V-shape body.

Made from our patented infrared fabric our tops will help maximize the potential of your upper body to help you push through the most hard-hitting workouts.

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Temperature Regulation

Increased circulation caused by wearing our sportswear will help prevent hot or cold areas in your body. The breathable fabric also allows evaporation and is quick drying so you will cool down quicker when your workout gets you sweating.

Max Strength Recovery

Your muscles grow in size and strength during the recovery phase of your workout plan. So give yourself a recovery boost by wearing top to toe Kymira Sport, including one of our fleece tops.

It provides you with accelerated cell repair meaning you can get back to your workout in optimum shape.

Make sure you also give your body plenty of rest plus proper nutrition and hydration for the level of exercise you undertake.

Let Kymira Sport work with you to smash your physical goals.

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