KYMIRA® Sport was born from an exploration of how a biochemist and athlete could recover from an injury.

Today, it stands as a bastion of innovation in excelling human performance.


KYMIRA® Sport is the flagship sportswear brand of KYMIRA®, one of the leading smart textile companies in the world.

Our Mission

The mission of KYMIRA® Sport is to bring cutting edge innovation to the sportswear market.

Exceed Performance | Enhance Recovery | Prevent Injuries

Our Story

KYMIRA® was founded in 2013 by Tim Brownstone, an Athlete and Biochemist by background. 

After becoming injured midway through his first season competing internationally, Tim started looking for a way that he could accelerate his rehabilitation. In doing so he found research published by NASA about how they used infrared light to grow plants quicker in space. This sparked an idea that the use of infrared light could stimulate human cell growth and accelerate cell performance and healing.

The Result

Having helped with the development of the breakthrough technological textile following 5 years of academic research, KYMIRA® was born, to bring infrared fabric and its scientifically proven benefits to the market.

Nitric Oxide Production

Increased Local Circulation

Increased Respiration Efficiency

Increased Tissue Oxygenation Levels

Pain Relief

Energy Production

Muscle Relaxation


SPF Protection


KYMIRA® products enhance performance, accelerate recovery and reduce the chances of an athlete becoming injured, allowing you to push harder, go further and recover quicker. 

KYMIRA® is Used By

KYMIRA® products are used by Olympic athletes, international sports stars, elite teams and recreational athletes alike; even world record explorers! 

We work closely with sponsored brand athletes, resellers and sports rehabilitation clinics, who integrate KYMIRA® products into their training and rehabilitation programs. Learn more about the performance benefits of KYMIRA®

In addition they are used to help those with medical conditions to manage and  treat their symptoms. If you would like to learn more about treating and managing chronic medical conditions with the use of KYMIRA®, please visit our KYMIRA® Medical website.

“There is nothing else like KYMIRA®, there really is no substitute for it. Building the products into our regime gives our athletes something more.”

Bob Stewart

Senior Physiotherapist – International Rugby

KYMIRA is Used In

Our Scientific Integrity

KYMIRA’s® Infrared KYnergy® products are supported by a vast wealth of empirically collected clinical research and real world anecdotal evidence. See our clinical research on our Science page.

Alongside producing the KYMIRA® Sport and KYMIRA® Medical ranges, KYMIRA® continues to conduct scientific research, with profits from the sales reinvested into new medical research. The KYMIRA® team are working in partnership with leading healthcare providers and academic institutions around the world, including Innovate UK, The European Space Agency and the NHS, to develop products that help, change and ultimately save people’s lives.

We are currently specialising in researching the areas of recovery and pain management with our infrared and pioneering e-textiles with specialities in cardiovascular and neuro-muscular monitoring plus foetal health and development. Learn more about KYMIRA®.

In the Press

Who knew leisurewear could be so high-tech?”

“These are easily one of the best pairs of leggings I've ever run in.”

You won’t find another set of cycling bibs and shorts quite like the KYMIRA Sport Onyx kit.”

“Sleekly well-made, the tops and bottoms are cutting edge.”

“Work out like the pros with the innovative compression gear from”

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