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Any athlete should be looking for the next small advantage to help their performance. Dave Brailsford, the most successful cycling coach in history calls his approach to seeking advantages as looking for ‘marginal gains’ – making incremental improvements across a wide variety of areas. Collectively, marginal gains accumulate into huge performance improvements. If you can make a 3% improvement across 10 different aspects of performance, collectively that translates as a 30% improvement.

There are lots of ways that athletes seek a competitive edge – top sports clubs will employ nutritionists, sleep specialists, travel planners, sports psychologists and a whole host of other specialists, looking for the smallest advantages possible. The 2003 World Cup winning England Rugby team employed a specialist to help the players work on their peripheral vision, because Rubgy is a game played laterally. Liverpool Football Club, the Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup winners employ a throw in coach!

The seemingly smallest advantages can make a huge difference to performance.

Infrared sports clothing is without doubt, a secret weapon that will lead to significant performance improvements. The research backing the technology up is overwhelmingly positive and best of all, it’s clothing that is perfectly legal in sport. This isn’t an unfair advantage, but it’s one that not many are aware of.

Evidence in Support of Infrared Technology

Proponents of infrared technology have claimed a lot of benefits – some more credible than others. What is clear though is that after a series of scientific studies, the performance enhancing benefits of infrared are becoming more and more established.

In the 2006 study ‘Effects of far infrared rays emitting clothing on recovery after an intense plyometric exercise bout applied to elite soccer players: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial’ researchers assessed the impact that infrared had on various post-exercise recovery markers. The concluded that infrared clothing had a significant effect on reducing DOMS and associated feelings of pain post exercise. This means you’ll be able to be able to train harder and longer because your recovery is boosted.

With recovery being at the forefront of focus for many athletes, it’s of particular interest that infrared is shown to improve both the speed and quality of the recovery from exercise.

A further study into the post exercise benefits of infrared was conducted in 2015. Scientists examined ‘Effects of far-infrared sauna bathing on recovery from strength and endurance training sessions in men’ and concluded that infrared was ‘favourable for the neuromuscular system to recover from maximal endurance performance’.

KYMIRA Clothing for Performance and Recovery Benefits

Going back to the theme of the article, it’s the small details that often make the big difference. We already produce a recovery range, but on top of that we also make a compression sock. With socks seeming like such a insignificant item of clothing, it’s easy to overlook them ahead of other items. You could be missing a huge trick though, as this study shows – runners wearing compression socks improved both their performance and reduced their recovery time.

The KYMIRA compression socks have our infrared technology built-in. The compression fit of the item offers a performance and recovery boost, because the stimulation of blood flow and improvements in microcirculation help vasodilation around joints. This provides the joints to function more freely, improving range of movement and reducing injury risk. They also help speed up post-exercise recovery time.

The circulatory improvements associated with infrared clothing means that they are especially good in cold conditions, so any outdoor winter sports are made significantly easier thanks to the garments. No numb hands or feet, no need for extra thick layers for insulation, no lost concentration because of the cold, no wasted energy trying to keep warm.

KYMIRA Infrared Technology Accumulates Benefits

KYMIRA clothing uses infrared to improve blood flow, which we know improves performance and reduces recovery time after training and competition. In the sport and recovery ranges the clothing are cut with a fitted shape, so the fabric maintains a close proximity with the skin, ensuring benefits are accumulated.

By wearing the KYMIRA clothing for up to 4 hours post-training and/or competition, you’ll be fresh and ready to go again much quicker than without the infrared clothing.

KYMRIA Infrared Clothing – Easy Performance Enhancement

The reality is that most performance improvements come at the result of hard work or sacrifice in some way. Training harder, eating better, sleeping longer and so on, but in the case of infrared clothing it’s an easy win. Simply by wearing a particular type of clothing you will benefit from scientifically proven physiological and performance enhancements.

The KYMIRA infrared clothing could be your secret weapon when it comes to performance and recovery. With a range to suit athletes from a wide variety of sports, you’re sure to find something suitable.

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February 24, 2020 — Stephen Hoyles

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