Infrared is a performance-enhancing technology that is completely legal. It works by absorbing otherwise wasted energy from the wearer and surrounding light. This energy is then converted into a targeted region of the infrared light spectrum, which causes an array of positive biological effects.

These positive effects include improving strength, tissue elasticity, power, injury resistance, cardiovascular efficiency, and enhanced sleep.

It sounds too good to be true, but literally every single one of the claims we make about the effectiveness of KYMIRA clothing can be backed up with scientific studies and papers. As a wearable technology company, we can’t and won’t mislead our buyers about the effectiveness of our products.

The effects of KYMIRA infrared garments are such as they have been awarded medical grade status and are trusted by professional sports organisations all over the world. KYMIRA products are used in the Olympics, the Premier League, Rugby World Cup, domestic, European and World championships across numerous sports.

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Key Points:

  • The importance of warming up correctly
  • Maximising your performance
  • Recovering the right way
  • Why sleep is the bedrock of recovery
  • Summary

"KYMIRA products are used in the Olympics, the Premier League, Rugby World Cup, domestic, European and World championships across numerous sports. ”

For the everyday athlete...

In this article we’re going to show you infrared best practices. We’ll explain more about how you can use our technology to your advantage, maximising your athletic and recovery potential. We’ll feature several our products and explain how best to use them.

Think of this article as a practical guide to using KYMIRA’s infrared technology to the best of your advantage.

Warm up

The preparation phase of performance is vital – it’s when the body is being prepared for the stresses it is about to undergo. In our eyes, there’s more to preparing than doing a few stretches and then getting busy. Follow our specific warm up guide for more detailed information.

We need to warm the tissues and improve their elasticity by promoting blood flow. We do this with progressive cardiovascular exercise and movement practice. This has a couple of benefits…

  1. It reduces injury risk because the tissues can move more easily
  2. It improves performance because movement patterns are practiced and ingrained

Fundamental to this process is making sure there’s a lot of blood circulation to the areas that need it most. A key benefit of infrared is the stimulation of a chemical called Nitric Oxide (NO). This is a vasodilator, which means opens blood vessels and promotes circulation.

Wearing infrared base layers stimulates this process and maximises blood flow. Our suggested warm up products are…


What do you wear to maximise your performance? Anyone who has seen the evolution in training equipment over the decades will have noticed that performance clothing has gone the same way. Shoes are lighter and more responsive. Evolutions in fabric and garment design means athletic wear of nowadays is a million miles away from yesteryear.

KYMIRA is a step further in this evolution.

Our performance wear takes the design concepts familiar to many but uses our patented KYnergy fabric – the fabric that contains the infrared technology.

From a performance standpoint, KYMIRA improves respiration efficiency, which enhances your cardiovascular output. You have to work less hard to maintain the same level of output as you would without infrared.

Your strength and power are increased as well, so you benefit the ability to extract more force from your muscles. For sports requiring strength or explosive power, this is a massive benefit.


The impact of sport doesn’t stop the second you finish your work. Physiologically the body has a lot of work to do. It has to repair damaged tissues, clear exercise waste products and return hormone levels back to their normal baseline levels.

Recovery is where KYMIRA excels.

Other sports performance fabrics may offer benefits during performance, but none even come close to aiding recovery like KYnergy. Post exercise the vasodilating effects of the fabric helps maintain the blood flow that removes the post-exercise waste products quickly. It also helps with the delivery of repair agents to the tissues, so the post-exercise repair starts earlier.

Post exercise muscle pain known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is helped significantly by infrared fabrics, so not only will it help your performance, it’ll also help you recover from high intensity exercise.

Once you’ve finished your training or competition, the recovery process starts. We have a range of casual wear which can be thrown on straight afterwards, kickstarting recovery immediately.

Picking anything from our recovery range and wearing it as soon as possible (for as long as possible) will maximise your recovery window.


The final piece of the infrared best practice puzzle is sleep. The evidence shows that infrared fabrics help to make sleep deeper and more efficient – this has been shown across numerous studies (more information here).

As the bedrock of recovery sleep helps us to repair and regenerate post exercise, it helps our mental health, cognitive abilities, and physical vitality. There’s barely a single physiological process that isn’t enhanced with good quality sleep.

Infrared Best Practices - Concluded

This article wasn’t designed to be a science-heavy piece on exactly how infrared works – we’ve got those articles all over the website. Instead, it is designed to be a practical guide to KYMIRA clothing, helping you to find the right items for the right job.

Wear KYMIRA and enjoy the huge health and performance-enhancing benefits of the technology.



May 09, 2022 — Steve Hoyles

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