In the early days, a base layer was merely an additional means of insulation. Made from coarse wool and designed to keep winter chills at bay, they were a necessary inconvenience in the days of outdoor manual labour.

Fast forward nearly 150 years and (thankfully), times have changed. Base layers aren’t simply a way of keeping warm, they’re a performance garment designed to aid a wide range of physical abilities.

In this article we’ll explain how KYMIRA® base layers benefit performance, improve recovery rates and prevent injuries in a huge range of environments. We can say with confidence that KYMIRA® base layers are the best in the world.

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Base layers aren’t simply a way of keeping warm, they’re a performance garment designed to aid a wide range of physical abilities. This blog demonstrates how KYMIRA® base layers benefit performance, recovery and more...

KYMIRA® base layer fundamentals

At first glance a lot of base layers would appear the same – they’re a tight-fitting garment that offer a level of insulation and some dubious performance enhancement claims. That’s not the case with KYMIRA® – any claim we make about the efficacy of our products can be substantiated with peer-reviewed research which can be found at various points in the article and on our website.

All KYMIRA® products are made from our patented KYnergy®fabric – a fabric which contains our infrared technology woven into the material, rather than printed on later. This means the benefits of infrared last for the lifespan of the garment and won’t wash out like many of our rivals.

Here’s a snapshot of the benefits of KYMIRA® base layers…


The term ‘homeostasis’ refers to the maintenance and control of a constant internal environment. This means your body will raise and lower its temperature as required, using mechanisms such as sweating, vasodilation, vasoconstriction and shivering.

With KYMIRA® technology your body is assisted with temperature control, meaning you won’t experience the extreme fluctuations. This allows your body to use its energy and fluid reserves for other functions such as performing or recovering.

Furthermore, KYMIRA® fabrics have been tested in temperatures ranging from -35 to +48 degrees. When you use KYMIRA® as a base-layer, layering over the top, the infrared fabric warms 63% better than fabric of its usual weight. [1]

Suitable for different conditions

KYMIRA® fabric dries 65% quicker on average than standard fabrics, offering quick drying from sweat or rain. The Quartz Dioxide offers a built in SPF protection of at least SPF35, so your skin is benefits from additional protection from the elements while you train and compete.


Infrared fabrics have many known benefits for performance, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery. Here’s an overview on how the KYMIRA® base layers can help you…

Improved circulation, leading to reduced injury risk and enhanced recovery

The KYnergy infrared fabric helps to stimulate production of nitric oxide. This is a vasodilator and improves circulation by opening blood vessels. This in turn improves tissue elasticity, reducing injury risk and improving post-exercise recovery times. [2]

Enhanced power and endurance

KYMIRA® fabrics help to increase ATP production, which aids recovery between bouts of maximal power output. This is helpful for athletes who have to repeatedly perform explosive movements. [3]

The endurance benefits come from a combination of improved respiration efficiencies and tissue oxygenation. These allow the muscles to liberate more energy for longer, increasing muscle output and maintaining it for a longer period of time.


KYMIRA® fabrics have been shown to increase muscular strength. This is because it helps to improve local circulation, tissue oxygenation and energy production at a cellular level. In a recent study, participants wearing a KYMIRA® infrared shirt recorded a mean grip strength increase of 12.44% in dominant hands, following a 90-minute period of wear, when compared to a placebo shirt. [4]

KYMIRA® base layers – more than just insulation

The article opened by telling you our world-leading base layers aren’t like the things of the past. Our technology extends far beyond insulation and goes into performance, injury prevention and recovery. Buying KYMIRA® is the performance-enhancement advantage you didn’t know existed.

Our technology has been worn in the Olympics, World Championships across numerous sports and has helped athletes win titles at all levels.

We offer a range of base layers suitable for a huge range of sports. We have top and bottom base layers at a range of sleeve and leg lengths, plus merino wool base layers for additional insulation for the coldest of days.


Shop the KYMIRA® base layer ranges here…

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October 04, 2021 — Steven Hoyles

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