Performance Enhancing Sports Wear – The Next Big Thing in Golf

Performance Enhancing Sports Wear – The Next Big Thing in Golf

Think of your favourite sport and I bet you could name ten ways in which your chosen sport has progressed over the last 50 years. Put quite simply though, golf hasn't though... Yet.

Gym Bag Essentials (The Music Motivation)

Hi, I am a new blogger for KYMIRA sports, my name is Aston. No doubt you will be seeing many more posts from me in the future. I will be writing posts on the health, fitness and consumer tech products that we like and admire here. I will be looking to bring you products and recommendations that will help in the pursuit of your fitness goals.    

Music helps to motivate you during training, well it helps me, and for my first post I thought I would bring you a quick round up of the headphones you will find in my gym bag (current and past).

I have a nice selection which includes Bluetooth, wired, in-ear, overhead and waterproof headphones. So, in no particular order I will give you an overview of why I like them and how they meet my specific training demands.

Indoor Training


First; we have the overhead wired headsets from Beats and Jabra. When I started training I would only use in-ear headphones to listen to music, but quickly found that they would fall out of my ear when rowing, cycling or performing overhead weight lifting. So I switched to overhead headphones for these exercises. I brought Solo Beats by Dre which I really enjoyed.  They still get knocked when doing overhead weight lifting, but apart from that they are really great. Then one day someone recommended the Jabra Revo’s. The sound quality was brilliant; they were more comfortable than my Beats. Now when I hit the gym, they are my preferred choice of headset. 

These headsets are good for:

  • Weight training (not for overhand weights)
  • Rowing (indoors)
  • Treadmill

Outdoor Training

When it comes to outdoor training, I like to switch my style of headphones and opt for a lighter set. I currently have two sets, these the Jabra Sport+ and ODOYO EP900I. These are two fantastic but very different types of earphones the Jabra earphones are over ear and are Bluetooth 4.0 enabled. They can be used both indoor and outdoor, and work with exercises with lots of body movement.

The ODOYO earphones on the other hand, are a wired set that are waterproof. Great for training in wet conditions and can be used up to 1.2 meters underwater. They were designed with Apple products in mind which is why they have iControls (as I like to call it) to take call’s while out and about.  So if it’s raining and you still feel the need to go running these earphones are ideal.

These headsets are good for:

  • Weight training (Great for overhand weights)
  • Running
  • Rapid movement exercises
  • Water based training.

When it comes to musical motivation in the gym, at a competition or out and about, I have a headset for every possible condition. Not everyone is going to be as keen to fill their kit bag with such a selection so if I had to recommend one, it would be the Jabra Revo.

Reason: The sound quality is amazing; it can be used for most in and outdoor training requirements and for the comfort when I am wearing them.   

Why does design matter in sportswear?

Hi everyone! I’m Eerika, the newest addition to the KYMIRA team. I’ll be contributing to this blog every few weeks with design, lifestyle and food related posts - and firstly I wanted to talk about the importance of good design in sportswear. So this first post is about the qualities that I find the most important in athletic apparel, and why is it so vital to think about the materials, fit & style in your choise of sporting gear...