Training for Muscular Power

Training for Muscular Power

Not just for Weight-lifting! Muscular power helps us climb stairs and run for the bus. It will help you win at team sports and improve your general fitness. Find out how and why to train for improved power
How Sportswear can Improve your Overall Performance and Recovery

How Sportswear can Improve your Overall Performance and Recovery

How Sportswear can improve your overall performance and recovery when training.
6 Ways to Improve Your Squatting Technique

6 Ways to Improve Your Squatting Technique

Love it or hate it, the squat is one of the most effective exercises to improve your athletic performance and build lean muscles.
World Champs: Preparing for the biggest competition of your life

World Champs: Preparing for the biggest competition of your life

Find out what it means to be preparing for the World Rowing U23 Championships with Ellie Lewis, who competes for GB this August. 

The Squat!

The squat, commonly known as the “king of exercises” and for good reason! Pounds of muscle can be gained using the squat in the correct fashion. 

How will KYMIRA help you recover after a session?

KYMIRA kit works with your body during exercise, improving your performance, but how does it help you during your recovery?

Five essential elements to rest and recovery

We all know that if improvements are to be made to performance, commitment to training in any domain, is vital. However, one area that can easily be overlooked and therefore hinder performance is rest and recovery.

Training in the winter – is it beneficial?

Now, it might seem difficult to move from that comfortable position on the sofa in front of the fire when it's -2ºC outside, but we promise that there’s 5 reasons you’re going to want to train, whatever the weather. 

  1. You actually burn more calories

It might sound strange, but you’ll actually be burning more calories when training in the cold. Your body will be working harder to regulate its core temperature among the elements, meaning you’ll burn more than during your “summers day through the park” workout.

  1. You’ll be drinking more water

We know the vast benefits of drinking more water, if you feel you’re not getting enough of it throughout the day; we’ve got some tips here! Drinking water before, during and after your winter workout is crucial. It might not seem like you’re sweating, as it’s cold, but really your body is still perspiring as usual, but your sweat is evaporating into the dry, brisk air. To keep performing at your best, don’t wait until you’re thirsty to take a drink!

  1. It only gets easier

When these winter sessions become more frequent, it will get easier as your body will become more accustomed to the climate. Keep this up through the winter months, and summer workouts will be a breeze. Without the harsh winds and frosty mornings to battle against, not to mention the loss of those winter layers, you’ll find that your performance has actually improved. Remember though, KYMIRA performance and recovery sportswear works with your body whatever the weather. With our tech, there's no difference because of the season. 

  1. You’ll be doing warm up and cool down routines religiously

It’s sometimes easy to forget to warm up and cool down before and after a session. This is much less likely to happen in the winter, as you’ll be making it a priority to ensure your body temperature is appropriate for the conditions, and also to avoid aches and pains not helped by the cold the next day!

  1. Believe it or not, you’ll be in a better mood after it

Your body will be working harder to stay warm, causing you to burn more calories as we mentioned, but more endorphins will be released, which means you’ll be on a high following your session.

KYMIRA Sportswear drying rates: The science

KYMIRA garments are designed to work with your body, like a catalyst. The minerals used in every fibre were selected for their thermo-reactive ability to most effectively convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back into the body—giving the wearer benefits down to their core. 

The science behind KYMIRA allows our sportswear to fuel your body, whilst most other textiles either trap or vent body heat, KYMIRA technology goes beyond this, by turning wasted energy into useable energy. This same technology allows our sportswear to be quick-drying.


But what does this mean to you during your training?

Our fabrics are designed to keep you at the temperature you need to be, to be at your best. Their quick drying qualities keep you cool in hotter conditions and their thermo-retention keeps you warm in colder climates. This combined with the biological responses to our products means that wearing KYMIRA® ensures that whatever you do, you can perform at your best.