Good Hydration for Great Performance

Good Hydration for Great Performance

Train smart this summer by staying hydrated! Studies have shown that small deficits of water in the body can lead to decreased performance. Understanding the warning signs of dehydration and how to optimise your hydration pre, during and post exercise can help ensure you get the most out of every training session.

Five essential elements to rest and recovery

We all know that if improvements are to be made to performance, commitment to training in any domain, is vital. However, one area that can easily be overlooked and therefore hinder performance is rest and recovery.

Staying hydrated: Tips for drinking more water!

Drinking enough water is vital for the health of the whole body - we all know it! As someone who struggles to drink enough water on a daily basis, I’m now challenging myself to drink more. Here are a few tips I’ve gathered for staying better hydrated - as well as some reminders of all those awesome things water does to us!