Going on Holiday is a chance to break away from the daily strains of life and an opportunity to see new places, try new things and recharge our often over worked batteries. However, there is the fear that all your hard work training your body could be seriously hampered by a break in the consistency of routine as we have to learn how to adapt our training for a short period of time.

Of course a lot of this depends on the type of holiday you are going on. In my experience a city break will enable you enough exercise through the sheer amount of concrete miles you will clock up to not worry too much about a few missed free weight sessions.

A beach holiday can be a different scenario especially if there is no gym on site. But there are plenty of options available to you to maintain your level of fitness whilst enjoying a relaxing break.

If your hotel has a gym then problem solved. But if not what then?

No Gym? No Problem

You don’t need a gym to fulfil a great exercise regime, if there is a swimming pool utilise it and get some laps in. Don’t fancy a dip? Then a routine of body weight compound exercises will make anyone sweat and all you require is a little bit of space.

A circuit of: -

  • Squats
  • Press Up’s
  • Dips (use a chair or table)
  • lunges
  • Abs

For a minimum of 30 minutes each day will leave you feeling like you have been pushed and will target all the main muscle groups.

Get it done in the morning.

In the morning your levels of Testosterone are elevated, enabling you to maximise the body’s natural chemicals during their peak rather than later in the day when they become lower. Also by exercising in the morning it will let you prioritise other things throughout the day and will leave you feeling generally happier.

Walk or Cycle

You’re on holiday so no doubt you want to see the sights right? Then forget the open top bus and take a walk or cycle (if you want cover a larger distance). Both are low impact exercises and by just casually walking around you can burn up to 200 calories per hour. During a casual cycle you can burn between 250 – 350 calories depending on the intensity of the ride.

All this is great and easy to do but remember a holiday is a break away from the usual routine. Rest is just as important as your training so don’t feel guilty if you just want to give yourself a week off.

Enjoy your trip away!


September 14, 2016 — Aston Lincoln

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