If you’ve already read our ‘Best Practice’ article for returning to the gym, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge you need when it comes to returning to strength training appropriately. What the article does is teach you how you should return. What it doesn’t go into is what you should be doing in the gym.

For that, we’ve turned to KYMIRA endorsed personal trainer, Nathan Kennedy. He has put together two workouts for you to follow - the first workout is a leg-based workout, designed to rebuild your strength and stability and help you perform better in your chosen sport. 

The second workout is a back-focussed workout, to help you strengthen the postural muscles that would have suffered and probably weakened through a lot less movement during lockdown.

We suggest you watch the videos, listen to Nathan’s technique advice and follow the workouts. Make sure you warm up thoroughly and start with light weights – you can always increase the weight later, but you want to practice the techniques and movements with a very light weight in the beginning.

Kayleigh Kennedy - Gym Workout for Women

Introduction to Kayleigh Kennedy Gym Workout

Exercise Number 1 : Stiff Legged Deadlift

Exercise Number 2 : One Arm Row

Exercise Number 3 : Bent Over Sandbag

Exercise Number 4 : Chest Supported Reverse Fly

Exercise Number 5 : Straight Arm Pull Over

Remember when returning to the gym, train safe and follow the guidance given by KYMIRA personal trainer Nathan Kennedy.

Nathan Kennedy - Gym Workout for Men

Introduction to Nathan Kennedy Gym Workout

Exercise Number 1 : Goblet Squat

Exercise Number 2 : Split Squat

Exercise Number 3 : Sumo Squat with a Jump

Exercise Number 4 : Single Leg Glute Bridge

Exercise Number 5 : Bounce and Tuck

Exercise Number 6 : Jumping Lunge

Nathan Kennedy reminding us to be safe and start easy when returning back to the gym!

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July 31, 2020 — Stephen Hoyles

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