Traditionally we focus on increasing performance and accelerating recovery in sports like Triathlon, Rowing, Running and Cycling here at KYMIRA. However with the first mainstream e-sports game that takes users outside and gets participants active, we thought that a little write up of the essential equipment you should take with you when playing Pokémon Go was needed!

For those that have had their heads buried in the sand over the last couple of weeks, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game available on Android or iOS devices that takes players out to explore the world and hunt for Pokémon. It is built upon Niantic Lab's Ingress and essentially overlays a Pokéworld onto google maps. Players explore looking for Pokémon to capture, visit Pokéstops for in game items and battle it out at gyms to win for one of 3 teams. 

Now that introductions are out of the way, what should you be packing in your Pokébag for a day on the go; hunting for Pokémon and exploring?


If you want to keep going for a long period of time to '"catch 'em all", it is essential that you take a drink with you so that you stay hydrated. If it is a particularly hot day where ever you're exploring, you may want to also add some electrolytes to make sure that you replace any salts and minerals that you will loose in your sweat. 


If you are going to be out of your house/office/school/university (you get the idea) for a prolonged period of time then a power pack will be essential to long term exploration and getting some miles under your belt. If you are traveling on your own then a small power pack like the ones you can pick up in most stores should do the trick. If however you're in a group then we have heard that power packs like the Anker PowerCore+ are ideal.


Good clothes:

Now, you could argue that we would say this, as we sell high tech clothing here at KYMIRA... but if you really do want to go out on a Pokémon excursion then we think you should prepare for it like you would a competition. Clothing plays an essential part in this and obviously we believe that KYMIRA is great for all the Pokémon Go'ers too. Whether you choose us or someone else though, you should make sure that your clothes fit well and will be comfortable, regulate temperature and are breathable.

If you're like some of the players we know, who have said how sore they are from not having walked or cycled so far before, then KYMIRA's infrared technology will help you here too. Our kit also has an SPF 35 rating... just saying ;) 

Good shoes:

A great fitting pair of shoes or boots is a must have! 
Personally, I would recommend a pair of trainers like Inov8 gym trainers or hybrid walking trainers like the Solomon Pro's or Evasions. They must be comfortable for long distances and preferably have some support for your feet and/or ankles.


Last but not least, make sure you have some supplies. Perhaps bring something small to eat; fruit or nuts are a great option that don't take up too much room. Bring a wallet, if you are an ex-Pokémon obsessive like me then blowing the dust of your official merchandised Pokéwallet is maybe not the way to go, but have some cash with you so that you can take advantage of a lured café or bar and give a local business some support at the same time!

There we have it, KYMIRA's gear guide to Pokéworld exploration! We would love to hear if you think we have missed anything in the comments below, and about the new places you've explored since getting the app!

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