Performance clothing technology has the power to be so much more than just stylish active wear. With the in-built infrared technology properties in every KYMIRA garment, you have an asset on your side that can help you before, during and after exercise.

The obvious benefits of the infrared technology are improved circulation, enhanced performance via enhanced energy production, improved respiration efficiency and enhanced nitric oxide production. These improve performance during wear, but how can KYMIRA products help the wearer to manage injuries at home?

We need to be clear here by stating that we’re not suggesting KYMIRA products are the only asset you need in order to manage an injury. If you’re injured, you should always seek diagnosis and treatment from a suitably qualified medical professional.

Once you have a diagnosis and treatment plan for your injury though, you can help to manage your injury with the wearing of KYMIRA clothing. There is a significant body of research in support of infrared technology helping to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of injuries. We’re going to take a look at the various mechanisms by which KYMIRA clothing can help you to manage an injury at home.

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  • Pain relief
  • Injury site mobility
  • Injury recovery
  • Convenience
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  • Recommended KYMIRA products

Injuries are an unfortunate occasional side effect of sport and exercise. With KYMIRA infrared technology on your side though, you can help to manage your injuries at home effectively. Let us show you how…

Pain Relief

We’re going to start with the most obvious symptom of injury, pain. We know without doubt that infrared has powerful effects on pain relief [1], with lower back pain patients in a 2006 study reporting a reduction in pain by 50%. Importantly, these results were achieved with essentially zero side effects, making them safer than almost all medications.

These results have been repeated in subsequent studies where infrared has been used as a pain management tool. In a 2015 study, 50 patients with lower back pain used infrared technology for at least 45 minutes per day for 4 weeks [2]. At the end of the study subjects reported both statistically significant improvements in both pain and the physical component of the injury, suggesting that infrared can positively impact healing at a physiological level too.

Injury Site Mobility

One of the primary concerns with musculoskeletal injuries is maintaining and promoting range of movement in the injury site. There are various ways of doing this including manual therapy and mechanical therapy, but these are passive and are limited in effectiveness to the time of treatment.

A good therapist will make exercise and mobility suggestions for the patient to perform at home, extending the benefits. These are OK, but when you add infrared into the equation the results are significantly improved. In animal models, evidence [3] shows that by adding infrared to a stretching protocol, range of movement in an injured knee is extended significantly. This prompted researchers to advocate the use of infrared as a clinical tool to regain range of movement in an injured site.

Injury Recovery

Whilst pain relief and injury site mobility are important, what a patient is really interested in is the healing of an injury. Credible research is pointing to a number of pathways by which infrared can be effective in treating a number of different injury concerns [4], from wound healing post-surgery to deeper, fundamental tissue changes.

The Nitric Oxide production which is boosted by infrared is also the subject of investigation in recovery from injury. Preliminary research into the effects of Nitric Oxide suggests that it could help to regulate the formation of new collagen and stimulate new cell proliferation at an injury site. These effects can reduce the injury healing time significantly and have athletes back to full fitness quicker.


An unparalleled benefit of infrared as a therapeutic tool is the sheer convenience of it. All you have to do as the patient is literally wear the clothes and let the KYnergy technology get to work. If you’re carrying an injury and want to promote the healing process with infrared, you can pick from the KYMIRA range.

You don’t need any additional equipment, you don’t need an external power source, you don’t need to carry a device around with you. Simply wear the KYMIRA items and go about your business, letting the in-built technology take care of your injury rehab needs, this means that you can benefit from the technology whilst travelling, whilst working and at competition, without the hassle of transporting additional rehab equipment with you.

The infrared products can be worn daily, they can be worn overnight and they can be worn during exercise, so the rehab and injury management benefits can be maintained long beyond treatment sessions with a medical professional.

Managing Injuries at Home with KYMIRA Products: Final Thoughts…

When you consider the pain relief, improved range of movement, Nitric Oxide stimulation and convenience afforded by wearing the infrared technology, you being to see a multi-factorial approach to injury management. Combined with accurate diagnosis and effective treatment from a qualified medical practitioner, managing your injury with KYMIRA could have you injury free in record time.

Suggested KYMIRA products…

The KYMIRA products that would be most suitable for injury recovery are as follows. Both are available in men’s and women’s, so pick the one most suitable for your needs.

For lower body recovery:

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For upper body recovery:

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July 06, 2020 — Steve Hoyles

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