The next instalment of our KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System is the topic of ‘recover’ – the most under-appreciated and neglected element of sporting performance.

As an evidence-based company we always look at the science and see what we can learn from the lab, then apply that information to a practical setting in the real world. It’s an approach to product development that has seen us create world-leading performance products that have helped take sportsmen and women from a wide variety of sports to World Championship and Olympic Gold medals, as well Rugby World Cup Finals.

Our research and lab work have shown us how effective our technology is when it comes to recovery, helping athletes to recover as quickly and effectively as possible, reducing injury frequency and severity as they keep up with the demands of elite level sport.

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Key Points:

  • What is Recovery?
  • Infrared and Recovery from Exertion
  • DOMS and Soft Tissue Recovery
  • Sleep and Infrared- Untapped Recovery Benefits
  • KYMIRA and Recovery- Final Thoughts

The next instalment of our KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System is the topic of ‘recover’ – the most under-appreciated and neglected element of sporting performance. We look at what recovery is and how KYMIRA products can help.

What is Recovery?

Recovery is so much more than just resting – it’s a process that involves the conclusive restoration of the body to its pre-event state. One that allows the body to recover from a hormonal, tissue restorative, lactate and nutritional point of view.

Fundamental to our belief as a company is that athletic recovery isn’t given the respect and significance that it deserves. Effective recovery is a vital performance enhancer and recovery is significantly boosted with KYMIRA technology. Lab studies and anecdotal reports from our athletes confirm that recovery is enhanced across a number of criteria by wearing KYMIRA kit during the acute and chronic post-exertion phases of recovery. 

In the recover phase, KYMIRA technology helps to benefit…

  • Exertion recovery
  • Lactate recovery
  • DOMS and soft tissue recovery
  • Connective tissue recovery
  • Sleep

Infrared and Recovery from Exertion

When we undergo a period of heavy exertion, we have to understand that we have more than just the musculoskeletal system to think about. Our muscles contract thanks to signals delivered via our nervous system. Our movement elicits a hormonal response via our endocrine system. 

Put simply, to think about recovery in terms of muscles alone is short-sighted and non-comprehensive. In order to recover fully, we have to consider far more and make allowances for each in a recovery strategy.

A thorough recovery asset is one that helps to stimulate the recovery process without being too taxing on the body and that’s why infrared is such an effective recovery tool. When studied [1], infrared has been shown to stimulate the recovery of the neuromuscular system, which is an enormous benefit to a recovering athlete given not many other recovery methodologies do this effectively.

Sporting performance requires the use of all body systems and as such needs a comprehensive recovery approach. Even endurance athletes use strength and power attributes so need to recover from those exertions too. Infrared has been proven to enhance recovery of all aspects [2] of athleticism, including strength and power.

DOMS and Soft Tissue Recovery

The link between infrared and DOMS recovery is very well established. Numerous independent studies have highlighted the clear link between post-exercise exposure to infrared and a reduction in DOMS [3][4]

There is ongoing research by scientists to establish whether or not KYMIRA products help to reduce the severity of DOMS by limiting micro-damage to the muscles in the first place, or if the improvement of symptoms is thanks to a combination of improved blood flow from the technology coupled with a mild analgesic effect coming from the infrared. We have a couple of hypothesis under investigation currently, proving we never sit still in the search for improvement.

What has already been established by research is that infrared fabrics stimulate Nitric Oxide production. Nitric Oxide activates a chemical called Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). This is the chemical activated when we take an opiate painkiller so will have a mild analgesic affect when wearing KYMIRA clothing – not as powerful as over the counter medications, but certainly statistically significantly more immediately accessible, fast acting and wearing KYMIRA doesn’t result in any negative side effects to the athlete. 

By improving blood flow [5] to a given area, infrared helps to speed the healing and remodelling of connective tissues as well, ultimately improving their recovery time and seeing them back to normal sooner than previously anticipated.

Sleep and Infrared - Untapped Recovery Benefits

We know that infrared has many recovery benefits and one of the areas we know that could enhance recovery is sleep. By wearing infrared clothing to bed, research has shown that post exercise recovery time is significantly shortened [6]. With this in mind we have encouraged the use of KYMIRA products overnight and have found impressive anecdotal findings from a number of our professional athletes, which backs up previous studies in the field.

Scientific literature also lends support to infrared helping to improve sleep quality [7]. As a key area of recovery, if KYMIRA could be used to assist the post-activity recovery process then there’s a deeper and more profound recovery boost – instead of wearing KYMIRA’s infrared clothing for a short period of time post-exercise, you could experience the benefits of the technology for longer stretches and enhance your recovery at its best. 

KYMIRA and Recovery - Final Thoughts

In a world where the emphasis in training seems to be more, harder and faster, it’s time to look at how important recovery is as part of the athletic ecosystem. You can only run an engine in its red zone for a short while before problems arise, so taking a step back and ensuring your recovery is given the time and respect it deserves will pay you dividends in the long term. 

With KYMIRA on your side your recovery will be deeper, more enhanced and as a result you’ll be ready to perform at your best sooner. You’ll be a stronger, higher-performing athlete with a much lower risk of injury.

To view the KYMIRA range that will help you assist your recovery, visit our shop here.

October 26, 2020 — Stephen Hoyles

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