At KYMIRA we endeavour to help improve your physical performance. As a company we never stop working on refining our products, our content output and our research. 

We take an unorthodox view of physical and athletic excellence, one that takes into account the before, during and after training and competition, including rehabilitation of the body. With this in mind we have put together an ecosystem of sporting considerations that we believe if followed and optimised, will help you become a better, fitter and higher performing athlete.

In this article we’re going to look one of the aspects of the KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System… Perform

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Key Points:

  • Perform in a KYMIRA sense
  • Performance Output
  • Pain and Condition Management
  • Thermoregulation
  • Concluding Thoughts on KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System : Perfrom

At KYMIRA we endeavour to help improve your physical performance. As a company we never stop working on refining our products, our content output and our research.

Perform in a KYMIRA sense

In the KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System we consider performance to be more than just competition. Performance is a culmination of physical and mental preparation. It’s the work done in training, it’s the psychological management during an event, it’s the harnessing of your physical abilities when they matter.

Perform extends to training as well, because if you perform well in training, you improve your physical, mental and technical abilities. You become an upgraded athlete in every sense of the word.

Here’s what we consider to be the facets of performance that KYMIRA technology will enhance…

  • Performance output
  • Training
  • Competition
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Pain and condition management
  • Fatigue 
  • Thermoregulation

We’ll run through these elements in the article and discuss exactly how KYMIRA technology can enhance each of them.

Performance Output

The essence of KYMIRA clothing lies in performance. Our patented KYnergy fabrics contain infrared technology that enhance a wide spectrum of physical capabilities. Research has proven infrared technology helps to improve grip strength [1] when worn during testing. The improvement of such a fundamental performance measure suggests that infrared would be effective at improving general strength when worn over more of the skin, because the results from the study show that proximity to the skin is a factor of the improvement. 

This means the athletic fit of KYMIRA clothing ensures you’ll harness maximum benefit from the infrared technology.

The performance output benefits of infrared extend beyond strength improvement – the technology also significantly improves oxygen consumption during cardiovascular exercise. In a study using 12 male cyclists, infrared technology has shown to reduce oxygen consumption at lower cycling intensities compared to cyclists wearing other, non-infrared garments [2].

Elements of flexibility, mobility and pain management are addressed by the unique Nitric Oxide boosting capabilities of infrared [3]. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator, which means it dilates blood vessels and leads to improved circulation. The additional blood flow makes the soft and connective tissues more pliable, flexible and mobile. This reduces the chances of injury and improves the mobility of the body, enhancing sporting performance.

We could list every facet of performance improvement linked to infrared, but it’d simply take too long. There is a large body of scientific research that we refer to in various articles on our blog, showing a link between infrared and an improvement in endurance, power, strength, flexibility and mobility, all of which are vital assets to an athlete.

Pain and Condition Management

Athletes suffer a disproportionate amount of pain relative to their non-athletic peers. The common areas of pain are back, neck and joints. If left untreated, these can be debilitating for an athlete and significantly inhibit their performance, motivation and results.

Infrared technology has been proven to help sufferers of lower back pain [4]. There are a number of reasons for this including the warming effect and the improved blood flow associated with the technology, but the most powerful may be linked to the nitric oxide boost. Nitrate activates a chemical called Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP). This is the chemical activated when we take an opiate painkiller, so wearing infrared clothing will have a mild analgesic affect and help athletes control pain without medication.

Managing pain will help an athlete both physically and mentally. This can be a game-changer in terms of motivation and performance.


Depending on their sport, athletes will be expected to perform at a variety of temperatures in all kinds of conditions. There is evidence that infrared fabric provides additional warmth relative to other fabrics [5], but KYMIRA KYnergy fabric goes a step further and thermoregulates in both hot and cold conditions.

One of the most unique properties of the KYMIRA KYnergy fabric is its ability to adapt to different temperatures, providing superior thermoregulation to other fabrics. In lab conditions, the KYMIRA KYnergy fabric has been shown to warm up quicker and retain heat 63% longer than other fabrics of equivalent weight.

In hotter climates KYnergy fabrics dry 65% quicker on average, dissipating excess heat through evaporation. Our athletes have tested KYMIRA clothing in temperatures ranging from -35 to +48 degrees and have provided excellent feedback about their performance in these temperature extremes.

The KYnergy fabric has an SPF of 35 and is antimicrobial, helping to prevent odour build up even in the hottest conditions.

Concluding Thoughts on KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System : Perform

In sport, every single legal advantage has to be considered if you want to maximise your output. How you perform in training will have a direct impact on your physical, technical and psychological abilities that translate ultimately into sporting performance. 

The psychosomatic links between excellence in training, comfort in competition, removal of pain and the recovery post exercise are very real and incredibly powerful. The highest performing athletes in the world are those who have faith in their equipment, their training and their ability. With the evidence provided in this article, coupled with the fact that KYMIRA equipment has taken athletes to Olympic, World and European Gold medals, you too can be sure that your equipment is giving you the best possible platform for you to reach your maximum potential.

Wearing KYMIRA KYnergy fabrics will enhance your abilities and results. To see the KYMIRA range that will give your performance a tangible boost, click here.

September 30, 2020 — Stephen Hoyles

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