On the back of developing world-leading performance fabrics that help reduce injury rates and improve physical performance, KYMIRA have expanded their product range to include pre and post training casual wear.

The KYMIRA Sport hoodies have taken sports casual in whole new direction, combining style with a function yet to be seen in the industry.

These aren’t just any old hoodies.

These infrared hoodies combine stunning visuals with the unrivalled benefits of our KYnergy technology. This world class performance fabric emits infrared energy, a technology that helps keep you warm and regulate your body temperature, whilst promoting blood circulation, enhancing energy availability, tissue oxygenation and speeding recovery.

Suitable for wear before and after exercise or for simply going about your day, there isn’t a time when we don’t benefit from improved circulation.

Why should the benefits of training stop at the end of the session?

By wearing the infrared hoody you’re prolonging the benefits of your workout far beyond your final set. The independently assessed benefits of infrared when it comes to performance and recovery can be read here.

It’s not our style to make outlandish claims – we let our products do the talking- the labs merely explain how and why they work as well as they do.

In short, the key benefits of the KYnergy technology within our fabrics are…

  • Improved circulation
  • Increased tissue oxygen levels by up to 20%
  • Increased cellular metabolism and energy production
  • It works regardless of conditions and for the entire life of the garment
  • Medically certified

Where Design Meets Performance

The KYMIRA Sport hoody started with style in mind. There’s no use making a hoody out of world class fabric if nobody likes the look of it.

We took the standard hoody design and improved it. The women’s cut has a tapered fit at the waist, making sure the fit is both comfortable and flattering. You won’t feel as though you’re wearing a sack.

The men’s hoody is cut to fit across the chest and shoulders, with a subtle taper at the waist. It’s fitted rather than baggy or oversize, but it’s roomy enough to be a comfortable garment pre and post training or just out and about.

The colour pallet is in line with our product ethos: subtle, effective and confident. The Kymira hoody is currently available in three colours, Onyx Black, Midnight Blue and Gunmetal Grey – all selected to be sleek, utilitarian and easy to style.

The hood contains the standard drawstring. In our case the drawstring is the same colour as the garment material, keeping with the simple colour scheme. It’s the little details that count.

Kymira Sport Hoodies are also cut with a fitted sleeve which helps to protect against the wind and cold. Team this with the insulating benefits of the fabric and the circulation boost from the KYnergy technology and you have a hoody that keeps you warm when needed but distributes heat when you need to be cool – you won’t feel the need to keep putting it on and taking it off as you transition from one environment to another.

Design features aside, the innovative material is where the hoody really strides ahead of the pack. This is what takes the KYMIRA hoody into a league of its own.

The luxurious fleece is a water-repellent material, so a little drizzle doesn’t get you wet. You can tell from the first touch that this isn’t like the other hoodies you’ve seen and worn before. There’s a reassuringly weighty feel to the material, so you know you’re getting a top end product.

The elasticated waist and cuffs are snug without being tight. This elastic isn’t the cheap stuff that loses its stretch after few wears and washes, leaving the waist and cuffs lifeless and baggy. This is a hoody built to last. Built to be outdoors. Built to be used.

Finally, the main separator between the KYMIRA hoody and the rest… the KYnergy fabric. A cutting-edge fabric that promotes circulation, recovery and performance. All of the lab-tested-and-proven benefits of infrared fabrics have been put into a garment for you to wear before and after training and competition.

Start your warmup before your session’s even begun thanks to the infrared benefits built into the hoody. Accelerate your recovery post session by wearing it home or as part of your active recovery.

This isn’t just fashion. It’s technical equipment.

The Kymira hoody range is available here. Look at the items in more detail and pick the colour and size you want.


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