At KYMIRA our mission is to help improve human performance. We do via our cutting edge research in partnership with leading institutions, through our creation of innovative smart clothing and educating with our evidence-based content.

Our products are scientifically proven to enhance physical output and recovery, whilst our website content shares educational pieces to help athletes of all levels achieve their physical and sporting potential. We work with brand partners and athletes to refine our products and technologies, ensuring they remain at the cutting edge of wearable sports tech.

With this in mind, we’re excited to share with you the KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System.

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Key Points:

  • Elements of Performance
  • Prepare
  • Perform
  • Recover
  • Rehabilitate

At KYMIRA our mission is to help improve human performance. We do via our cutting edge research in partnership with leading institutions, through our creation of innovative smart clothing and educating with our evidence-based content.

At KYMIRA, we view performance as more than just competition. To truly perform at your maximum you have to optimise all of the elements of performance, from the preparation phases through the to the recovery and rehabilitation phases.

In the KYnergy Eco System we consider the elements of optimised performance to be with our infrared technology to be..


To realise our full potential we have to ensure we optimise each of these elements. The differences between success and failure in sport can be measured in milliseconds and millimetres. With margins so fine, the smallest detail that enhances output needs to be given the respect and consideration it deserves.

The elements of performance are unique but complimentary – each aspect is dependent on what has happened before it, and it can enhance or detract from the element that follows. To an athlete or even a regular exerciser, there is no literal beginning or end point to the KYnergy Eco System, it’s a process that is ongoing. At any given point you’ll be working your way through one of the elements.

Elements of Performance in more detail

To help you fully understand the KYnergy Eco System, we’re going to look into each one with more detail. We’ll outline what factors constitute the elements. By breaking them down into smaller parts it’ll give you an idea of how to optimise your performance with KYMIRA.

If you’ve never considered your training and competition in these terms before, it can provide a roadmap by which you make decisions around your schedule, helping you to identify areas of attention and focus that will pay dividends in performance.

The elements of the KYMIRA Sport Eco System are as follows…



Irrespective of your natural talent or favourable physical make up, you won’t be able to compete at your best without effective preparation. At any level of sport, those who prepare the most thoroughly are inevitably the most successful over the long term and offer themselves the most reduced risk of injury occurrence.

In the KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System we consider the elements of preparation that KYMIRA technology will improve to be…

Improved Flexibility, Stretch, Strength and Mobility - Ready for Performance
Improved Injury Prevention via Muscle Priming
Travel Management - arrive fresher, reduce the effects of jet lag and sedentary travel


This is the time when the fruits of your labour are revealed – how you perform is largely a reflection of how well you have prepared for the event. Perform doesn’t just mean competition either, because you need to perform well in training, managing your physical and mental resources to improve your output.

Here’s what we consider to be the facets of performance that KYMIRA technology will enhance…

Performance Output - Training & Competing
Enhanced Body Performance - Endurance, Power, Strength, Flexibility, Mobility
Pain and Condition Management
Fatigue Reduction


Fundamental to our belief as a company, is that athletic recovery isn’t given the respect and significance that it deserves. Effective recovery is a vital performance enhancer and recovery is significantly boosted with KYMIRA technology. Lab studies and anecdotal reports from our athletes confirm that recovery is enhanced across a number of criteria by wearing KYMIRA kit during the acute and chronic post-exertion phases of recovery.

In the recover phase, KYMIRA technology helps to benefit…

Exertion Recovery
Lactate Recovery
DOMS and Soft Tissue Recovery
Connective Tissue Recovery
Reductions in Inflammation
Improved Sleep


The tax we pay for extreme physical exertion is occasional injury. With the best will in the world, an athletic person who is pushing their physical limits on a regular basis is going to experience injuries. At KYMIRA we have evidence that our technology not only helps to reduce injury frequency, but also helps to reduce time taken to recover. The unique properties of the infrared fabric can be used to compliment the work of a Doctor or therapist to help you to return to competitive action as quickly as possible.

In the KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System, we consider the following to be the important facets of rehabilitation that KYMIRA can positively effect….

Injury Frequency
Surgery Success (post-surgical healing)
Rehabilitation Success
Accelerated Recovery
Ehanced Post-Treatment Effects

This is the first in an in-depth series on the KYMIRA Sport KYnergy Eco System, where we’ll discuss not just the importance of each element of the model, but how introducing KYMIRA kit to your sporting life will enhance your performance and recovery.

These aren’t marketing claims either, we’ll share what the science says and explain how our own athletes use their KYMIRA kit to reach realise their potential.

It’s no coincidence that KYMIRA kit has helped to take athletes to Olympic, World and Commonwealth podiums, into Rugby World Cup finals and to 6 Nations titles.

Not bad for company only founded 7 years ago….

July 24, 2020 — Stephen Moyles

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