Improve Your Running Goals with HIIT

Are you quite regular in your running routine but sometimes feel like you’re still not achieving your goals?

Well, to be honest, most people run because they want to achieve a trimmer body. And/Or, they want to lose that excess fat.

They would be happier if they could find an efficient training program that will bring about an improvement in their goals and fitness level. If you’re like them, then consider a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine.

HIIT training can be your best refuge in this situation, and we will explain how.

Perceiving the Concept of HIIT

When you choose a HIIT training routine, you are combining an anaerobic and aerobic level of the intensity into one workout.

Your entire workout session could last for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, some workouts only have a time span of about 4 minutes.

The way high-intensity training works is that during the high-intensity phase, all the energy that is stored in the muscles is consumed by the anaerobic system. This high-intensity workout phase is the short-burst of activity, before lowering the intensity.

The by–product of the anaerobic metabolism is the lactic acid. When the lactic acid builds up in the body, you build an oxygen debt.

When you enter the recovery phase, then the lungs and the heart work together to repay the oxygen debt. The lactic acid also breaks down during this phase.

Now, the oxygen that is repaid back is used by the aerobic system to convert your carbohydrates into the energy. Meaning, it will now become easier for you to indulge in HIIT training for a longer period. You do not have to worry about the element of fatigue.

Interval Training Improving Your Running Goals

  • Brings about positive physiological changes: If you are wondering how high-intensity training helps to improve your running goals. Well, the answer is, this training introduces physiological changes within your body. The increased cardiovascular efficiency means that oxygen can be delivered to the working muscles with greater ease. You will also develop more tolerance for the lactic acid build-up. The benefit of these changes is that you experience a significant improvement in your speed and performance.
  • Burns calories: If you are eager to achieve weight loss, then this HIIT training helps you burn the maximum calories. Now, when you indulge in this training, your body has to work a lot harder to recover. Once you complete the HIIT training session, the body produces about 450% growth hormone over standard aerobic training. This hormone growth plays a crucial role in burning the calories.
  • Brings improvement in your health: Most people adopt a running regime because they are looking forward to a significant improvement in their health. Well, interval training gives you the same set of benefits. It reduces your cholesterol level. And, it can help you get rid of other inflammatory problems.


How to Get the Best Results from Interval Training

If you want to achieve the maximum output with interval training, then there is a certain set of rules you need to follow. It is mandatory you should warm up your body before you take the plunge into HIIT training.

You should combine interval training with your running routine. For example, when you start your workout, it is important you first run for about two minutes.

The most important rule though is you should build up the repetitions over a passage of time. It is also vital you maintain a challenging pace throughout the program.

You must always warm before HIIT training

Selecting the Appropriate Interval Training Workouts

The selection of the appropriate workouts also matters when you opt for the interval training workouts.

  • Stair running: Rather than regular running, you can opt for stair running. This workout helps to build up your endurance, cardiovascular fitness, power, and speed. Running stairs can also help you to develop your foot speed. You should contend with the fact that when you are running the stairs, this helps to target the largest muscles in the body. This includes the calves, quads, and glutes.
  • Speed drills: Well, the speed drills are also an ideal training program when you wish to achieve maximum fitness. When you indulge in speed drills, it helps to strengthen your leg muscles. For regular runners, having stronger leg muscles can prevent injury.
  • Shuttle runs: When you indulge in the shuttle run, it helps to improve two things, agility, and speed. It is important to set up the markers when opting for the shuttle run. You will need to sprint from one marker to another. You also need to do six repetitions in one go.
  • Bootcamp workouts: You could also look into Bootcamp workouts, they can be an excellent choice for interval training. Before commencing with a Bootcamp workout, you need to start with a warm-up session. You should do this workout for around 30 to 40 minutes. A typical boot camp workout includes lunges, push-ups, and squats.
  • Agility Drills: To improve your coordination and sports skills, consider the agility drills. By combining agility drills with a running session, this will offer you additional benefits. The most useful agility drills are Plyometric Jump Box Drills. They include jumps and hops. Also, the agility drills help to develop strength.

There are a few benefits to adding HIIT training to improve your running goals. However, make sure that before you undertake any form of HIIT training exercises, you should develop a more detailed understanding of it. The better you understand this training, the more you will enjoy these exercises. Try a HIIT session today and enhance your maximum level of fitness.

Let us know if HIIT training is something you are likely to add to help you achieve your goals?

September 27, 2017 — Aston Lincoln

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