I remember after running my first marathon I got home, threw a pair of jogging bottoms on, sat on the sofa feeling really pleased with myself and telling my family that I felt absolutely fine and won’t be suffering the next day with any stiffness in my legs.

Oh how wrong a person can be! I woke at about 3am with my muscles in my left leg completely seized up and spent the next two days in agony.

The simple reason being, I did not cool down properly and I was guilty of stretching for about 2 minutes in total after the race.

That was 8 years ago and I have since learnt my lesson. Although time has never been a luxury, everything has to be done immediately and even missing one day makes us feel like we are completely out of the loop, so we hardly have time to waste being injured.

These days’ even your clothing can aid your recovery and whether you are a first time runner or a seasoned athlete, wearing KYMIRA Clothing is critical to recovery performance and here’s why:

  1. KYMIRA clothing can increase circulation around the body thus getting the required blood and oxygen to the worked areas quicker to speed up recovery.
  2. The body wastes over 60% of the energy we consume, KYMIRA clothing can use this energy and turn it back into the body using infrared technology.
  3. KYMIRA Compression clothing reduces muscle oscillation (which causes fatigue and damage), easing muscle soreness after training.
  4. By wearing KYMIRA clothing immediately after exercising, stiffness and soreness is reduced and the recovery process accelerated meaning you can get back to exercising quicker
  5. After exercise, the increase in circulation and Oxygen levels will help to flush the lactic acid from your muscles quicker, and also reduce any swelling that may occur in the joints.

There are other benefits to wearing KYMIRA kit, for example it can keep you warm throughout training and after exercise. Ideally the kit will be worn throughout the exercise and cool down for maximum results but you will still benefit from wearing the clothing immediately after training.

All of this science may sound impressive and maybe expensive, however, it really isn’t (and a lot warmer than an ice bath) and if you are serious about maximising your sports performance and recovery then it is time to take a look at the clothes on your back.

You could be missing out and causing yourself unnecessary pain.

September 21, 2016 — Aston Lincoln

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