Today (16th April 2020), KYMIRA turns 7 years old and to celebrate we are offering 7 days of prizes that include bundled giveaways, discounts and even free passes to our world class online cycle coaching. Look for details on our social media channels.

Over the last 7 years we’ve worked with many professional and amateur athletes in a wide variety of sports. We’ve helped them enhanced their performance and reduced their recovery time from injury.

Founder and CEO Tim Brownstone recently reflected on how it all started:

Thirteen years ago, a spark of an idea took hold of my imagination. The idea came from reading some NASA research that documented the use of infrared (IR) light, to make plants grow quicker in space. The idea itself was that if IR could make plant cells grow and replicate quicker, maybe it could help animal cells, and therefore people too. Wounds could be healed faster; athletes could recover quicker from injuries; and you could treat or manage a range of chronic illnesses to boot.

Following 6 years of academic research, on this day in 2013, I took the plunge to take that spark of an idea and start putting it to good use. Seven years ago, KYMIRA was born.

KYMIRA Sport still continues to push the boundaries by constantly researching how our technology can help not just athletes, but anyone that has an active lifestyle (at home or work) improve performance, aide recovery and prevent injury.

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