Are you looking for a change from your regular cycling route and countryside trails? These cites welcome cyclist with open arms, they offer a great opportunity to see amazing attractions, and refresh your bike ride with an urban feel.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is rated as the most bike friendly city in the world.  The capital city is purpose built for cyclists and extremely safe. The municipality has 350 km of connected cycle lanes that are lifted above the road and has separate traffic lights for bikes .

Places to visit on a bike:

  • Assisten’s Cemetery, is no ordinary cemetery and is a beautiful place to cycle through. It is the resting place of many significant people including the writer Hans Christian Andersen and philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. The old chapel has been turned into a culture centre and museum to tell cemetery’s history.
  • Amager Standpark is a Seaside Park which has a fantastic place to cycle. The beach has a view of Sweden, and the Middelgrunden wind farm. There are plenty of watersports to try out including surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, and kayaking! Or if you prefer in land things there are open air music concerts during the summer, volleyball courts and The Blue Planet
  • Copenhagen Street Food Market has 39 food stalls with the best quality food from all over the world. It is situated on the city’s waterfront, and has a large indoor area for when the weather is bad. The market plays live music on Fridays and Saturdays and is a wonderful place to relax.


2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

During the 1970’s, 400km of cycle lanes were laid throughout the city in an effort to reduce cycling accidents. This, combined with the moderate climate and very flat land, makes Amsterdam a fantastic city for cycling.

Places to visit on a bike:

  • Westerpark originally was an industrial park, when the factories closed down the area was very polluted. The park now aims to be a sustainable place of creativity and culture. It has a diverse range of things including music concerts, shops, restaurants, a petting farm, boat renting, yoga classes and plenty more.
  • Nieuwmarket is a market square in the old city centre. The Da Wagg building was one of the medieval gates into the city, where locals would pay their taxes, it is now home to the Wagg Society and a restaurant. This square is a wonderful place to stop, and watch the world go by.
  • Zaanse Schans is a breathtaking, historic residential area by the River Zaan. It has numerous traditional Dutch windmills and 18th and 19th centuries buildings. The area has several museums telling the story of the buildings, as well as plenty of bike paths.


3. Strasbourg, France

The oldest part of Strasbourg is completely car free. It is currently aiming to increase the number of shared bikes to 16% by 2025. The cities sustainable and fantastic bike sharing system, allows you to rent a bike from anywhere in the city, for up to a month.

Places to visit on a bike:


4. Budapest, Hungary


With over 5,000 bicycle routes and 200km of cycle paths, Budapest is brilliant for cyclists. The city celebrates sustainability with the Car Free Weekend Festival. The event seeks to make the city greener and, it therefore has lots of bike friendly events.

Places to visit on a bike:

  • Margaret Island is 2.5km long and located on the Danube River. It currently has limited car access, making it great for cyclists. It has many incredible ruins due to it historically being a religious centre and then a harem. Today, it is a recreational park with many things to see including musical fountains, the Rose or Japanese Gardens, the water tower and an open air theatre.
  • Buda Hills are a fantastic place for any budding mountain biker! The hills have peaks as high as 500 meters and a collection of many mountainous cycle paths with tremendous views. The modes of transport to get up the hills are very unusual and fun, there is the railway which is run by children, the cog train and a double chair lift system.
  • Mester bike + Coffee Project is a cycling café that offers great coffee and has a bike repair shop. Situated in the Mester utca district, at the centre of Budapest, this place is perfect for any cyclist who is looking for some refuge.


5. Montreal, Canada

Montreal has recently become much better for cyclists by increasing its bike lanes to 400 miles. The city loves cycling, and has an annual cycling festival Tour de L’Ile De Montreal, which is a race through the city with the routes having plenty of interesting landmarks to see.

Places to visit on a bike:


If you have cycled in any of these cities, why not tell us about how you found them?


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