The time we work is the time between our workouts, we can't do an intense session in the morning, and then pig out of snacks for the rest of the day; it doesn't work like that. We need to ensure we're sticking to a healthy, consistent diet as it is responsible for 80/90% of your success or failure when trying to stay in shape. 

Diet is still important

Your worry should not be on how much you are working out, but more on staying in shape in between your workouts! Even if you’re working the normal 9 to 5, it can be better to work on your preparation skills. For example, if you’re grabbing a quick lunch, there’s so many fast food places that will not only be expensive, but unhealthy enough to make your last workout pointless.

Prepare, it’s worth it

When I say work on your preparation skills, I mean preparing in advance. It’s easy, it takes a few minutes on a Sunday evening, and means you’ll eat healthy and cheaply all week. Next time you’re out, for example, buy 5 chicken breasts. Then the night before, cook them all, put them in individual zip lock bags and take them for lunch each day! You could even buy some salad and make it a little more fancy!

Don’t give in to energy drinks

We all have those tired days, but choosing sugary energy drinks don’t do your body any good. Try an alternative like black coffee, or green tea to get your daily dose of caffeine.

Pack in the snacking

If you’re like me, I need snacks to chew, bite, and crunch throughout the day. It’s just a habit. However, if you’re choosing the right snacks, there’s no problem with this. You could be snacking to make up your 5 a day! Sliced apple, bananas, pears, there’s so much choice to replace your bag of crisps or your chocolate bar.

February 11, 2015 — Tim Brownstone
Tags: nutrition

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