KYMIRA garments are designed to work with your body, like a catalyst. The minerals used in every fibre were selected for their thermo-reactive ability to most effectively convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back into the body—giving the wearer benefits down to their core. 

The science behind KYMIRA allows our sportswear to fuel your body, whilst most other textiles either trap or vent body heat, KYMIRA technology goes beyond this, by turning wasted energy into useable energy. This same technology allows our sportswear to be quick-drying.


But what does this mean to you during your training?

Our fabrics are designed to keep you at the temperature you need to be, to be at your best. Their quick drying qualities keep you cool in hotter conditions and their thermo-retention keeps you warm in colder climates. This combined with the biological responses to our products means that wearing KYMIRA® ensures that whatever you do, you can perform at your best.



Edward said:

I’ve been using the long-sleeve top as a base-layer under a technical t-shirt and it’s worked perfectly, despite the varied weather we’ve been having; mild one day then cold and windy the next.

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