Whether you’re out for a run in your KYMIRA leggings, or playing a match in your new KYMIRA socks, you’re probably wondering; “Why are these keeping me so much warmer than my regular kit?” Well KYMIRA isn’t just clothing that is meant to keep you warm. It’s clothing that works with your body, to ensure that you perform at your best.


To break down the science:

  • When energy is used by your body, over 60% of that energy is actually lost. Most of this energy is lost as heat. KYMIRA works by harnessing this energy and giving it back to your body in the form of Infrared. 
  • KYMIRA technology is based around a fibre that is loaded with a potent mix of thermo-reactive minerals which work with your body to produce infrared. 
  • Infrared is like the secret ingredient of your success. Infrared penetrates deep into your muscles tissue, which causes changes at a cellular level. This allows widening of the blood vessels (vasodilation), providing your muscles with more oxygen. The infrared energy also causes KYMIRA garments to be quick drying and keep you at a constant temperature.

The technology behind KYMIRA allows you to push harder, go further and recover quicker. 

It’s not all about the heat though, as KYMIRA technology is designed to keep you at the temperature your body needs to perform. The quick drying technology in our fabrics will help you stay cool in warmer conditions, rather than it feeling like another layer to make you overheat whilst you’re on the move.


December 18, 2014 — Tim Brownstone


Regina said:

Great explanation! I am so intrigued by this product…. wondering where I can find those clinical studies you keep mentioning? I can’t seem to find them anywhere online…

KYMIRA Sport Team said:

Hi Phil,

Thanks for your comment, you are of course welcome to your opinions but we thought that we should correct you on your science.

Like many people you have made the mistake of thinking that infrared is just heat. In actual fact only part of the IR spectrum is particularly heat bearing. During many of our 3rd party clinical trials skin or core body temperature were monitored and showed no significant increases (unless that was the desired outcome) when compared with controls. Our technology actually helps to keep people from overheating through an increase in circulation which aids the body’s natural heat dispersal system and dissipating heat through accelerated evaporation/dry rates.

If you would still like to complain to the advertising standards agency then by all means do. However, we’d firstly encourage you to read the 9 published clinical trials that validate our technology and secondly you should know that the ASA has signed off and approved our advertising claims because contrary to your view, we know a lot about biology.

Thanks again for your comment,


phil harris said:

This mumbo jumbo offends me. I already know that I (like everyone) get too hot when exercising. its called metabolism .The last thing I need is more heat as that will elevate my core temperature and disrupt my performance in so many ways. I feel like complaining to the advertising standards agency as you clearly know nothing about biology.

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