This months blog post is a bit of a reveal behind the scenes here at KYMIRA Sport, focusing on one of the hardest challenges we have had to overcome: introducing our new technology to the market and trying to communicate how it works in a way that appeals to you guys, our (potential) customers!

This blog has been co-written by myself (Tim) and one of the mentors (Mark, italics) that I worked with to help translate my scientific jargon into something that is actually relevant to everyone else in order to promote our KYMIRA Sport products: 


"The paradox for disruptive innovators is that although they're fantastic creations that deliver exactly the benefits their customers need, they do so in such an incredible way that customers struggle to understand them.  This makes it really hard to define a proposition that customers understand enough to want straight away…

... and that hits the nail on the head, when we first started I used to tell people about all of the benefits that KYMIRA products could deliver and no one believed me! Everyone would tell me that our products sounded too good to be true, although I like to think that our customers can vouch for the benefits now!

"Tim makes magic leggings.  Not my words, not his words, but the words of a customer.  But how on earth do you market them?  To look at they are nothing special – well designed and attractive to look at for sure, but the magic is invisible.  In a world conditioned to buy clothing based on image, subtleties of fabric properties are not easy to market through digital means – there is simply too much explaining to do..."

... Mark makes a great point here, to date we have 9 clinical studies that prove the efficacy of our products, they have Class 1 medical status in Europe and Australia and will hopefully soon have FDA approval too! The problem is that you wouldn't know that just by looking at them and, not everyone wants to read through a scientific study to understand how they work. So we went out, camera in hand and started asking questions to our customers and people that weren't to understand what is missing from their kit at the moment.


"We set up a series of video interviews with current customers, many of whom were great advocates of the product. We had to be careful not to “lead the witness”; we wanted insight more than promotion because counter-intuitive insight is far more engaging than sales talk.  And we got it.  “Magic Leggings” was a phrase coined in one of the interviews, but the real gem came later.  “They make my legs feel as fresh in the third race as they did in the first”.  Now that was useful – that was insight..."


...and there it was, finally some of our customers had eloquently described their experience with their KYMIRA products in a way that I wasn't prepared to publicly. The reason that I didn't promote the products in such a way myself is that I personally believe that is something for you guys to say rather than me because I already believe in the products, otherwise KYMIRA Sport wouldn't exist.


As ever your comments are welcome. If you'd like to describe your experiences with KYMIRA products we would love to hear from you on either a product comment or a comment below! 

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