Well they say that third time's a charm, we are hoping the same can be said for us!

Launch day: 18th August 2014

For those that have followed KYMIRA's story from the start, you will know that we have experimented with crowdfunding twice before. The first time round we launched a campaign on Indiegogo with a very low funding goal, and next to no resources to put into it's development. Next time round we went for the full amount needed to fully fund a full scale production order of several thousand metres of our KYnergy fabric and then the conversion of said fabric into our finished product. For this we set a funding goal of £25,000 and sadly we only managed to reach £13,903. Unfortunately as a young brand we have limited methods of getting our message heard and this time round we didn't manage to get enough press attention until towards the end of the campaign which is when the bulk of our funding came in.


So what is different this time round?

The first thing that anyone visiting the campaign this time will see this time is that we are only looking to raise £5,000 which is obviously a lot less than last time. The reason for this is that thanks to some of the backers from the failed Kickstarter last time and you guys (our loyal community of KYMIRA customers and athletes) we managed to raise enough to place an order for a smaller volume of fabric. This means that this time round we have been able to set a lower funding goal, purely to fund the second phase of the production process - the conversion of fabric to garment.

The second thing that you will see is that this time round we have Early Bird rewards. This means that if you are one of the first to back the campaign you can get your kit at a further reduced price - in this case over 50% off RRP for some of the Early Bird rewards! Now these rewards are available on a first come, first served basis, which means that if you want to pick yourself up a real bargain you need to get there on launch day.


So please, take advantage of this chance to be one of the first to receive a set of our latest products and get them at a great price! In the process you'll be helping us to keep innovating with our revolutionary range of products... we think you will be surprised at what we have lined up next!


Thanks for reading,


Tim and the KYMIRA Team

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