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Are KYMIRA products suited better to certain sports?

A lot of people ask me "is KYMIRA Sportswear best used in a certain sport?", so I thought that it would make a good subject for one of our blog posts.

In essence, to answer the question: No, KYMIRA is suitable for use in all sports.

We deliberately made our first line a range of baselayers so that they can be used in any sport, or for any occasion. While we focused on ensuring that the fit of the Core 1.0 range was well highly functional, we didn't design them around the needs of any particular sport.

That said we have seen that a number of sports have favoured us from the start, mainly Cycling, Rowing and Triathlon. It is not entirely clear why the up take in these sports has been higher than others, however I have a few theories:

  • Endurance: As our motto states: PUSH HARDER. 'GO FURTHER.' RECOVER QUICKER. Using KYMIRA Sportswear during training or competitions will increase your endurance thanks to a number of the biological benefits that wearing the products leads to. Benefits such as Increased circulation (Lavery et al, 2003), increased tissue oxygen levels (McClue et al, 2005) and an improved efficiency of respiration (Worobets et al, 2013). These sports all demand high levels of physical endurance in order to excel in them.
  • Training Volume: All three of these sports require high volumes of intense training to perform at the higher levels. While any full time sportsman or women is required to do an incredible amount of training to perform at the top of their field. We have more Rowers, Cyclists and Triathletes competing at higher national and international levels than other sports. 
  • Its all in the legs: Well ok that is a lie, it isn't all about the legs. What I mean to say is that rowing and cycling are both sports that are highly demanding on the legs. Due to the size of the muscle groups in your legs, wearing a garment like our leggings can lead to the wearer noticing the benefits that our products lead to

I am really looking forward to seeing which sports we next see KYMIRA products being used in. We have also seen them used by rugby and football players, equestrian athletes, sailors and runners.  

If you have any questions after reading this post then please don't hesitate to leave a comment and we will get back to your as soon as we can.

Have a great week,


June 01, 2014 by Tim Brownstone
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