Hello everyone,

My name is Nicolas, I am 19 years old and I come from in Cannes (France).

As a student of International Trade, to validate my diploma, I have to complete an internship for 8 weeks in another country.

After a lot of emails, one day I’ve receive an answer to my internship requests from  KYMIRA, run by Tim Brownstone someone who is quite remarkable!! I chose to contact KYMIRA because I love sport and I am a great sportsman; I have played tennis since 9 years old, I also like cycling and go to the gym. The other reason why I contacted them was because I was curious about the system of the science behind the clothes, to know how it works...
... I also really wanted to try one, I can say right now that I love my top and that I wear it with pleasure


As I write this, 1 month has passed since my arrival, and I can say that I have really enjoyed my time in Reading (where KYMIRA is based).This my first experience going alone to another country, to learn the culture, it is also the first time I have been to the UK.

I am glad to say that so far my internship with KYMIRA, has been a real pleasure. To be a part of this growing company has been great because with Tim, I have learnt so many things about the business, the trade relations, and also the technology of KYMIRA’s clothes.

I have attended many events with KYMIRA like the Awards Ceremony where they won two Awards, a regatta where we had a trade stand as sponsors of the event, and to see one of KYMIRA’s UK clothes manufactures, where I saw the factory and met the team. I have also met some other important business relations that are part of Tim’s other work as an Entrepreneur.

To finish I would like to say, thank you so much Tim and the KYMIRA team for welcoming me and I look forward to the coming month!!!!



May 27, 2014 — Nicolas Alonzo


Rudolfet said:

Great blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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