With just over a week until the big day, hopefully you have got all your gifts in order! Incase you haven't though, here is our pick of the top 10 gifts to get a fitness lover this Christmas:

Grid STK Foam Roller

The GRID STK is the worlds first hand-held foam roller and allows for accurate muscle targeting not possible with a conventional roller. Not only that but it is really portable, which is great for taking with you to stay loose on the go. 


Swimbuds Waterproof Headphones

The title says it all really. These headphones are fully waterproof and can be worn while swimming. They have been designed to create minimal drag in the water, having said this, getting a waterproof pouch and mount for your phone may be a little cumbersome so SwimBuds recommend an iPod shuffle which can be clipped onto goggles or your swimsuit. You can buy an iPod Shuffle for £49 from Apple and they are great training companions for all sports.

I’m not a big swimmer myself but would love to use these in the shower after a long training session!

Fit Bit Charge 2

When it comes to fitness trackers FitBit know a thing or two. They have now released the charge 2 which has some great new features.

It allows your heart rate throughout the day and during exercise without the need for a chest strap. One of the great features is that it monitors your sleep and helps you work towards an optimal sleeping pattern. 

A feature I know I would love is the alarm feature. The watch vibrates to gently wake you up – far better than an ear piercing alarm tone!

They are currently £10 off and comes with free 2 day shipping direct from FitBit which ends Monday the 19th. 


Concept 2 Rower 

For those of you serious about staying fit from the comfort of your own home, a Concept 2 indoor rower is a must have.

The Concept 2 rower is one of the best cardio workouts you can put your body through and contrary to popular belief it is not just an upper body and works 9 major muscle groups: quads, hamstrings, glutes, lats, core, shoulders, triceps, back and biceps. 

While the Concept 2 rower may cost a little more than a monthly gym membership, you can keep fit anytime you want using arguably the best indoor rowing machine on the planet, and you can’t put a price on that!

MicroFiber Towel

You don’t still take a bath towel to the gym do you? Those days will be long gone with a microfiber towel.

Not only are they ultra portable but are far quicker drying and absorbent than a regular bath towel. Little Bodhi offer them in four colours and they come in a large size unlike some other towels which are no bigger than a tea towel.

Throw one in your kit bag and you’re set!



Train all winter, all conditions with this crafty little invention from IceSpike. They are small spikes that screw into any rubber soled running shoe. They give you great traction while maintaining a good feedback feel from the terrain under you, all while you can keep running or hiking in your favourite shoes.

They are great for Ice and Snow, giving you confidence to get out an run as the temperature drops but also good for added grip in wet, slippery or moss covered trails.

They’re semi permanent and you can remove them anytime you want. The kit includes a tool so no drilling required!

Camelbak Hydrobak 

A product that will need no introduction, Camelbak have been keeping people hydrated for years. I know mine could do with a little refresh and starting from £20 these make great presents.

Water you waiting for! (Pun intended)




Hat, scarf, bandana, headband, snood, face mask, beanie, hairband…

You get the idea, the original buff is a must have for anyone looking to get out and train all year round. It’s designed to keep you warm in the cold but also will wick away sweat in the summer.

The classic model starts at £15 and there are hundreds of designs to choose 


Swiss Ball

You might feel like a swiss ball after the big meal on the 25th of December but really, a swiss ball is an excellent piece of equipment for training your core. 

Don’t fancy rolling around and getting weird looks as you fight with your balance at the gym? Get one for home. It can also double as a desk chair that’s great for your posture.

There are loads available but the original is made by Theragear.



The Best Compression Socks in the World (Non Biased)


Graduated compression socks embedded with our KYnergy Infrared technology.

Graduated compression garments work by increasing venous return, so not only do you get the added benefit of our KYnergy technology, such as improved circulation, tissue oxygen and increased cellular metabolism; you ALSO have the benefit of the graduated compression technology.

They're good - we promise.


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